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    I want to purchase Forza Horizons but I am not sure which one is better. Horizons 2 costs about $75 and Horizons 1 costs about 40$. I would also like to know which game has a larger variety of cars(mainly European/Japanese) and if you need to perform an in-game purchase to access them. The graphics of the game do not matter very much to me, just the realism of the cars. Furthermore, I would end up playing the game with my friend in split-screen mode the more 2-player friendly game is better for me.

    Thank you for your assistance

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    Neither Horizon is Not your average Forza. Horizon 1 is Single Player and Online only as is Horizon 2, Horizon 1 is in colorado USA and 2 is in europe. 2 is much bigger and more realistic in every way possible but as for cars they are like all forza games High Detail. all cars need to be purchased with in game credits won in races you get very few cars free and they are pre detirmined by the devs, if you want split screen, i think the forza 4 does it, im not sure about 5 i only have one Controller for my Xbox One so i never really tried it.

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    Horizon 1 is Turn 10's first foray into the open world design. Horizon 2 only released last year and is very fun (IMO) hence why its more expensive. As Wolfpack said, there are ingame purchases in the form of cars, parts and paints, but you earn ingame cash very quickly through races and side activites.

    The regular Forza games (4, 5, etc) are more simulation. Walled tracks, tuning every aspect of the car, using the best lines, etc. The Horizons branch is more arcade like. The tuning and lines are there but its more or less wide open and you will be hard pressed to find anyone who doesnt drive like its a huge match of bumper cars if you play online. IIRC, Forza 5 has split screen where Forza Horizons 2 does not. I cant say if Horzons 1 does or not.

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    If you want a good 2-player forza game, you might as well go for Forza 4 where that have all the options you would basically need, it is 2-player friendly, and is not as complicated as the previous ones. Forza 5 is for Xbox one so if you don't have that, forza 4 is probably better than horizon for my opinion.

    Of course it is going to be hard to find since they don't make them anyone so your best bet, you'd find either a used one at a store or go to amazon or ebay and order from them. The season pass is very cool if you plan on putting down $40 in it.

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