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Thread: Trip to the US!!

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    Question Trip to the US!!

    We fly to the US summer.
    Does anyone know ABDL stores you can visit?
    We will be in New York, DC, Miami, and all the west coast.
    And what types of diapers can be bought in the US and where?
    If this is not the right place please forgive me

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    Unfortunately most of the ABDL stores in the US are online with little to no physical stores, and as far as I am aware no stores here on the East Coast. There is/was a store in Ontario, CA if you will be visiting that area. I think the ABDL population is simply too small and spread out to justify having an actual store, much better to set up a warehouse somewhere and ship your products nationwide.

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    I will be in this arae.
    where it is?

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    Sadly, the United States is known among AB/DLs as perhaps one of the worst places to find diapers. In most American retail stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Kroger, Meijer and the like, about all you're going to find is Depend and cheap, poorly-made store brands. Any other kinds of diapers have been very elusive and hard to come by in the US, though I have heard rumours about Molicares being found in a smaller chain store known as 'Publix'. I've also heard that Tenas have been found in NYC, although I don't know where exactly.

    Retail availability of adult diapers in the USA is incredibly lacking. Most American AB/DLs buy their diapers online, typically imported from Europe. If you're looking for higher-quality diapers such as Tena, Abena, Molicare, etc., then to make a long story short - go to Europe. It seems that countries such as the Netherlands, France, and Germany have a wide variety of diapers in retail stores.

    There's plenty of things to love and enjoy about America, but sadly, diapers are not one of them.

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    So far its hard to find any good diapers in stores here... Publix here has only attends and depends... Tenas in Walmart... Not impressed with Walgreen's or CVS...

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    A sad truth:

    You know what my retail options are around here?. . .very little.

    Target and Publix only stocks Depends Underwear for Men and generic pull-on types.

    Walmart has Depends Adjustable Underwear, Underwear for Men and Protection with Tabs in small (none in large) and the generic Assurance brand briefs only in large.

    Walgreen's has their Certainty brand pullons and briefs (exactly the same as assurance) but only sell them in a large 46 ( i think ) count case.

    CVS seemed to have a larger selection, but if is a bit out of my way and it would be hard to explain that journey to anyone who notices.

    The local medical supply store sells Attends and Kendall briefs, but only by the case and seem rather expensive.

    I personally have yet to order online. . .no discreet location of delivery available to me. But it seems like the only good way to get the products you really want.

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    Default is the store up in Canada.

    Unfortunately, everyone else is right, it's hard to find decent diapers in stores in the States. If you ask around, you can find Molicares in some medical supply stores.

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    Some medical supplies stores exist for handicapped people. They usually carry some decent brands like molicare. But.. specialty abdl diapers? nah....

    :pens up the first abdl store on the street corner::

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    Thank you all ,
    Really disappointing to know how few options there , I had no way to order online because every time will be a different hotel

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    Not to go super off topic but how many people would go to an ABDL products store if someone like me opened one? This is all rhetorical / theoretical.

    Literally, with everything from cribs, rideables etc. all adult sized. and of course diapers.

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