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Thread: Baby furniture...

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    Question Baby furniture...

    Hi everyone
    just a quick question, if you could have any item of baby furniture made for you as an AB, what would it be..?

    me personally would like a bouncer chair I have seen one made adult size, but not the way I would have it lol, I would love to have mine lined with baby sheep skin, and leather straps to hold me in, with a working hood and vibration unit, very soothing I think an adult bumbo would be pretty cool to.

    What would be your ultimate item of baby furniture..?

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    I don't quite know if it counts as furniture, but I'd love to have an AB size Baby Gym. I'd like to just rest on my back, kick my feet up and play with the hanging toys and mirror. It would also be fun for tummy time, for when I'm feeling really little.

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    Honestly, a spherical shape with full-size adjustable bed in the middle, (round sleep deck, to fit inside the sphere) with a secret door, a round window, small, soft nightlight, and nature sounds, that gently rocks at the push of a button. No cribs, bars creep me out. Spheres have no edges.

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    I want a play pen so so badly. Wooden and big enough to sleep in as well

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    a crib !!!!!!! A while back I came out to a really old gal pal of mine who is happens to be the #2 carpenter at the university theater department here and we got talking one night about things and she asked if I had a crib I said no then she said she'd build me one if I want ! so one day ill find the guts and find the money and ot could happen

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    Because I need one I would say a crib but now I would love a bouncer too! Or one of those walkers!

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    The question is what baby furniture wouldn't I want. XD The only problem is I have no where to put it currently.

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    Just a crib is all that tickles my fancy.

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