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    I have officially came out to someone who I have not met online. My longest time friend, who is actually 3 years younger than me, has been through a lot lately and told me he has started being a party hound and drinking and using drugs, weed in particular. He felt so ashamed he thought I would not speak to him again. Well, since he intrusted me with this I felt the need to tell him something as well. I told him "I think i am gay or bi." He started asking some question such as "why u think that" and what not. I told him I have never had any luck with woman so i tried the other scene and did not mind it. Told him of some of my sexual incounters and that i have bottomed and topped. He asked a few more questions and seemed to be cool with it. All he told me is that once we see each other again (we now live 4 hours apart) he is fine with it as long as i dont try anything with him cause he has a girlfriend. Which i respect and replied (jokingly) "I wouldnt do that anyways cause it would be rape of a minor :p" I am currently 19, will be 20 in June, and he is currently 16. After that we talked awhile and he told me more of his weed and alcohol usage and what not. I told him he could ask me anything and he did no such thing other than a few ones i expected. It goes to show that no matter what you do or who you are, if someone is a true friend they will stick with you to the end. I am still worried he will not talk to me any more but we have talked more since last night. I even asked about moving in with him and his mom for college, currently living with my dad, and he said "hell yaz" We have been like brothers since the day he was prettty much born. Main reason we know each other and became such close friends was cause of my older bro and his older bro. They were in the same class and became best friends. Well I had and still do have a lot of medical problems. So does my friend i came out to. The rest is pretty much history as we have been friends for over 14 years now and still cannot wait to see each other and hang out. This is the only joy in my life that I have anymore, being friends with him. To be honest if it was not for his friendship I would be dead by now from suicide.

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    It's really nice you can both share your intimate lives together, and friendships are so important, but remember your both young, him being very young, and obviously going through a lot of teenage angst ... It's great you can be there for one another, when you have known someone so long you do make very close bonds, but let yourself and your friend grow, over the next few years, your both going to grow apart as you choose different paths in life, this happens to everyone as they mature and become adults.
    please don't say things like your only here because of your friend , I truly know how you feel, but that's a lot of pressure to pile on your friend ... All you can do is be there for one another, but your both traveling very different journeys, hopefully you will both support each other as you take them journeys, but please live for yourself... There is no shame in being bi or gay or straight for that matter, sounds like you have a lot to work through, but I sure one day you will find that wonderful someone, that will turn your world into a place of possibilities... I hope you and your friend have a long and happy friendship , but if not, it would not be the end of the world, just a stepping stone to something new.
    i wish you both lots of happiness .

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