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Thread: Messing in bed(on purpose)

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    Default Messing in bed(on purpose)

    How many of you can mess in bed well? I've been able to do it a couple of times. I heard that a lot of people can't mess there diapers except while squatting or sitting.

    Standing and lying comfortably in bed has been my favorite positions.

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    I have never tried to mess in bed. My normal habits for number 2 is during the day.

    For me, standing is the easiest way to mess my diaper.

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    Well considering that I have little control over when that happens sometimes I would have to say on occasion. Not that I have anything against it but I was never really into doing that intentionally otherwise though. I just happen to have no shame about accidents either.

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    I can mess anywhere I am when I have to go , guess its a side affect of spending lots of the past 20 years in a diaper lol

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    I can go just about anywhere. Never had any issues with it. Though messing in bed isn't exactly preferable, but I have done it before. When I am in bed, it's usually to sleep XD.

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    Easy poopy , sitting down, standing up, lying down, lying on side, walking you name it

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    I don't usually poop in bed, my preferred posture is the kneeling position, facing my bed. But I've tried it out of curiousity. It is not possible to go when you are lying completely flat on the bed. But I've had success when lying on my side, or when I hugged my bolster.

    Admittedly, there is little else more relieving than going #2 in a very comfortable spot.
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    Never tried. Maybe if I never intended to come back to that particular room or bed, and really had it in for whoever owns it.

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    I've never messed in bed, but I may need to try it some morning when I'm home alone. I'd probably need to give myself a suppository to go in a non squatting position though.

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    For me it happens more often than I'd like. Sometimes I wake up in it, It's not fun.

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