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    Default please help

    recently i found a hypnosis file that makes you lose bladder control when diapered and takes away the guilt. but it makes you addicted to wearing diapers. this summer i get my drivers liscense and i will go out and get some diapers. if im addicted to wearing diapers i may become bladder incontinent for the summer. for some reason i like that idea, but i need somebody to help answer some questions.
    1. my family doesnt know about my secret yet, but is it possibable to be secretly incontinent with out them knowing? i am alone for most of the day and fairly oblivious to it.
    2. my family has been know to pass judgement in the past, but should I tell them?
    3.summer last about 3 months if i go bladder incontnent is it possibable to retrain myself before school starts. if so how long do i need? i dont want to go back to school in diapers for obvious reasons.

    please if anyone reads this could you give me advice
    thank you

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    I think you have way too much confidence in those hypnosis files. Also, you'd have to wear diapers an awful lot to actually become incontinent. It's not like an on/off switch. You'd notice your control weakening first. And if you notice that, you should probably stop. I wouldn't really recommend telling your family if you don't have to. And, if you did weaken your bladder muscles, it's certainly possible to strengthen them again.

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    I will start by saying that the effects of hypnosis tapes all depend on your ability to enter the trance state. Even then these things are scetchy at best.

    Lets assume they actually work. Why would you wan tot do that to yourself? Sure diapers are fun but im sure if your were confined to them 24/7 you would begin to hate them.

    1.not likely
    2.while this usally fall to the individual just think how you would feel if your mom or dad came up and just told you they were into bdsm.
    3.Assuming the file works probably not.

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    Okay first of all - the hypnosis files haven't been proven to work the most effectively and it only helps you for confidence reasons by making you believe in yourself essentially. A lot of people have the misconception that it can just do anything, but without you actually wanting to become incontinent by hypnosis, it is very unlikely. Also if you do become incontinent, it's mostly because you were wearing diapers for a while, not because of the recording. If you really don't want to lose control, then it won't do it, and if you really do, it may work for you but I wouldn't advise it, especially really any methods to "cause you" to become incontinent (not just hypnosis files). By the way, it is very hard to hide incontinence from family members unless you don't live with them, and the diaper bill can become pretty expensive if you're in disposables. Even if you aren't, that's a lot of laundry washing to hide and keep track of, and if you are incontinent, there will be accidents you don't count on...eventually you will be caught. I'm not here to burst your bubble or anything, but in all seriousness I would first think you try a better approach. First just try to do it in steps...especially if you rush things like that it may make it hard and ruin it for you...Try to wear diapers a while and progress slowly to every night and then frequently to during the day and eventually to 24/7...After a while just let things happen when they will and you should automatically become incontinent if you really want to...but you will need to stop caring, or it may make you miserable.

    And as much as everyone seems to be against telling their parents, you will need to if you plan on such. I've told my parents and I think you should tell them if you plan to do that, but it would be awkward as others have said before. By the way, are you a DL or a TB? As a dl it is a fetish and they wouldn't need to know, but TB/AB stuff is more of a lifestyle than just a fetish and coming out to them would be just like coming out as anything else (I know someone is going to probably disagree with me somehow here, but it really is up to opinion and consider that mine). That being said, remember: you can always tell them tomorrow, but you can't take back what you told them today. I don't remember who said that before, but someone did in the old forum. Also you can never predict the reactions, whether good or bad, so beware.

    As far as incontinence is concerned, it is a long-term thing and you probably won't see the full results before the summer is over anyway. Why not just enjoy your diapers and wear them more often?

    PS: if you need any more help or advice, whether on telling your parents if you really plan to, or anything else for that matter, just message me.

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    1) Your family will find out eventually. If you try this and it works, you will be wetting yourself constantly. If your diaper leaks, they might see the wet spot and start asking questions. Those questions could lead to a visit to the doctor's office and some very uncomfortable tests and questions.

    2) I would highly suggest that you don't do this (incontinence for the summer), but if you must, the choice of telling your parents is up to you. I can't be much help since I don't know what your parents are like.

    3) It would probably take some time to retrain yourself, I don't know how long, but it will take some time. In all likelyhood, you'll be going back to school in diapers for a while. Also, I don't know where you live, but if you do this during the summer, you got to take the heat into consideration. Summer heat + used diaper = stink. Your parents would probably notice the smell after a while.

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    Let's say you like cake. Eat nothing but cake for a week. You get the point. Overdoing pretty much anything makes it boring.

    And yes, the effectiveness of any hypnosis is iffy at best, even with a professional and repeated treatments, let alone tapes.

    Why would you want to behave in a way that, given that you want to keep occasional dabbling a secret, would lead to inevitable discovery?

    I have pointed out on forums past, what seems fun in fantasy probably won't work out in rl. Even trying for the experience will make you paranoid, and isolated and much poorer. You may not want a boyfriend or girlfriend right now but you will... and why minimize the chances of that happening in your future?

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    i don't know everything but i think i can safely say this. if you do stuff to weaken your control for real then it will be very very hard to hide from your family. if you become incon it will be almost impossible to hide from your family. i don't think just listening to tapes will work sense you are so worried about it now. also why would anyone think it will be easy to get continence back if they done something to lose it? have you thought about what its really like to be that way? you might want to read the long post here (broken URL) and see what you think.

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    More seriously now.

    Okay, without writing a huge long post that you wont read anyway straight and to the point.

    As a infantilist the idea of incontinence does sound like fun, but however it s not.... at all.
    Believe me I know from experience. Tell me something?
    Are you prepared to:
    Change your whole wardrobe
    Live with the constant fear of an accident or being found out
    You go to school, gym class...nuff said
    Retaining is a horrible, painful, long process. The pain lingers up to a few months to a year. This is why young children have a hard time holding it. Cause it HURTS. BAAAAD.
    Imagine every time you need to go, and you feel like you are sprinting a mile. It requires ALL your attention. Where as now, its not even a thought in your head.
    Please..... for the sake of yourself.... just quit think about this now. I could go on, and on...
    It sucks... trust me.

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    Hypnosis Files... Nyaah >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by something View Post
    this summer i get my drivers liscense and i will go out and get some diapers.
    you haven't even had any diapers yet and your excited to try hypnosis? you should understand what you're going through before you make such a huge commitment...

    OYA, plus it's a lot harder than it sounds (thanks to everyone else for pointing it before me!)

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