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Thread: NorthShore Supreme/Tena Slip Maxi/Dry 24/7

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    Default NorthShore Supreme/Tena Slip Maxi/Dry 24/7

    So I've tried Dry 24/7 almost through a full case at this point and I'm looking to get more probably around April. My question is which of the three listed is the best? 24/7's have a good plastic shell and they are absorbent, but I wish they felt thicker. I've never tried Tena Slip and Bambino sells the plastic backed ones for cheaper than a full priced case of 24/7's. As for the Northshore supreme I've just heard really good things and was looking for a comparison. Any held would be lovely.

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    You might want to get samples first. You didn't specify what kind of "best" you're looking for(dry bulk, swell or plastic backing).

    Tena slip Maxi's are crazy thin but swell when wet, so if you're looking for dry bulk there is little. As for the NS Supreme, I haven't really gotten a chance to truly test them. I hear good things as well, but I can't say until I have used more. Also if you're looking to add more dry bulk, I just recently tried Abena abri-let Maxi's. They have no SAP gel but are immensely poofy and bulky when dry.

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    NorthShore Supreme:

    Dry 24/7:

    Tena Slip Maxi:

    here's some reviews about both of the diapers but the most absorbent is the Dry 24/7 while the NorthShoreSupreme takes all the positive ratings with putting on, taking off, good absorbency, etc. The Tena Slip Maxi is a good starter plastic diaper as well which has a review on ADISC right here:

    The Dry 24/7 might be the most expensive but stretches and fits right on contact, very absorbent (From what I've heard, it can take up to 5 or 6 large wettings), it is a plain white diaper of course but it's one of the top 5 out there so you already were hugged by heaven so I say. It's good with it's odor control and can last you 7-9 hours because with it's high in SAP, you will hardly leave a dent in these before you can even try! These are the #1 in best diaper, #1 in absorbency, and #2 in pricing.

    The Tena Slip Maxi is a good medical and sizing diaper, although not as bulk as everyone wants but can withstand some pretty heavy wettings. It's a nice diaper overall that has been out in a long time and still stands as a good starter diaper to try. It's somewhat good at odor controlled and can last you 5-7 hours. The pricing is a tad bit ridiculuous but one can't argue over it's performance. pack of 24 for $35. #3 for best diaper, #3 in absorbency, #3 in pricing.

    The NorthShore Supreme is a somewhat new diaper but already marked it's grave as a top-tier tabbed diaper. It absorbed alot of wetting and is really easy to put on and put off. It is completely odor controlled for any smelly urine you throw at it and will last you for a good 6 to 8 hours. I'd say these are worth a shot of you want to save money and want something simple other than Tena Slip. Pack of 15 for $21. #2 for best diaper, #2 in absorbency, and #2 in pricing.

    Out of the three, The dry 24/7's are good but if your trying something new, then try the northshore supreme!

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    Default NorthShore Supreme/Tena Slip Maxi/Dry 24/7

    I've been a pretty avid buyer of bambinos and bambino-esque diapers for quite a while, because typically I like the diapers that are higher on the SAP content, and lower on the amount of pulp. This usually comes out to a diaper that is surprisingly thin, but has a crazy amount of absorbency and wicking ability.

    Having said that, I gotta say that the new Northshore Supremes are quickly becoming my go to diaper. Especially as bambino seems to be going up and up in price, while staying exactly the same, feature-wise. (*LAME*) And still having mind boggling issues with stock shortages.

    Really the Supremes are incredible. I was sort of nervous to try them out as they're relatively new, with very few reviews floating about--but honestly they completely live up to the hype. They seem to have it all: study plastic backing, strong tapes that aren't awful, plastic backing, great absorbency, and a solid price. My only one complaint is the lack of a stretchy elastic waistband, which bambino does particularly well with their soft foam one.

    Don't be afraid to give them a shot.

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    Thank you everyone. Yeah I love the 24/7 I just wish I could find a diaper with the quality of the 24/7 and the dry bulk/fluff of a Bellisimo.

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