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    The name of the game is Football. The ball is central to the game.

    The Patriots, so far, have skated, with nothing more than a shrug and "I don't know nuffin bout no soft balls"

    On the other hand, Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice have been bounced out of the league for things they did off the field that had nothing to do with the game or the league.

    As far as I'm concerned, the Seahawks captains should walk out on the field next week to accept a forfeit and a trophy. Or maybe have to play the Colts.


    Caveat: I despise both Seahawks and Patriots. so I probably won't watch the game regardless.

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    That would be the right choice but they are not going to do it sadly. Just some more BS

    "We will be more cautious next time" blah blah blah, someone knew something about the de-flated balls but nobody knew anything till AFTER the game. If the balls were soft, then the colts should have caught them as well...that and they didn't know that they were soft so they probably did not anticipate that whatsoever so if they didn't know, they would have treated the football like any other. I think the patriots knew something and it's obvious.

    7 - 45

    Was the score of the nightly game between Colts and Patriots...either the patriots are THAT good at catching stuff or they were fishy with the game.

    They said they are looking for an appropriate punishment towards the patriots[1] but I have no idea what they are going to do but I am certain they are not going to disqualify them because a superbowl is a once a year thing between two teams.

    If it was me, I would have made it Seattle vs Colts but then again, the catching ordeal and...I don't know how that would play out at all.

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    A die hard Pats fan here.
    Here is my take on the whole thing.
    Patriots played better football than the Colts by far. Indy players were like rookies in pee Wee league just staring into the sky hoping they catch the football. With that said Colts player intercepted Brady and he said nothing was wrong with the football he touched he tossed it to the sidelines for a keepsake from the game, I would have done the same. Indy lost fair and square. The Anti Patriots crowd ginned up this because the narrative was to be Indy vs Seahawks prior to Brady & Co smashed that narrative out of the question. It was to be Pats vs Packers before that if you remember .
    So sour grapes makes vinegar and sour loosers in my view. Sorry anti Patriots and Belichick and Brady crowd we won (pats) that is . Sure Spygate is on peoples mind but this is fair win get over it! Its on the refs and the NFL processes on pregame chain of custody of the game balls. My view is the NFL should have a ball official on site who is sole job is ball security and posession and is a not from the stadium area the balls are flown with the NFL official to the game. The teams can have practice balls that have been painted bright pink to be easily seen and at 5 minutes before game time all practice balls are locked in the NFL office at that stadium and not released to the team until the game is final . and balls are weighed three times in the game begin half and at end of game or at random . this should end all of this garbage.
    GO PATS !
    The NFL will change the process I am sure of it. may the best team win !

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    I dislike Belichick quite a bit. Even though he is a, great coach. But he is a cheater, we know that, we've lived through
    spy-gate, and now deflate-gate, and so on. It doesn't take a ton of brains to figure out that he wants to win at any cost. Now, did the Pats NEED to cheat to win? of course not! They could have just trusted their training and gameplay, and cruised to an easy enough victory. But they didn't. They kept in step with the trends we've seem from them over the years. No wonder home field is no important to the Pats. The NFL is not going to do anything before the precious SB, so if they can find someone to fire, it'll be next year. Go Seahawks!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Aby View Post
    I like Manchester United. The Germans have a good team too.
    Well played, although perhaps it was a little flat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    I despise both Seahawks and ...

    Well, I'm not a football fan, and haven't been to a Seahawks game since my dad insisted on taking me to one back in the 80's (in the old Kingdome), but I am somewhat amused by all the attention the team has gotten these past few years. They pretty much sucked for decades. To see fans coming out now and saying "I never doubted!" .................... bullshit. But that's what being a fan is about, I guess.

    I'll be somewhat relieved when the season is over and I can turn on the morning news without hearing about Marshawn Lynch's latest non-interview with the press. That guy pisses me off. Anybody who can blow off $100k by not answering a few simple questions has clearly lost all touch with the kind of people that make up 99% of his fan base.

    As for Deflate Gate... or (I liked this one better) Ballghazi... I may not like football, but as I see it, the rules are pretty clear. If they deflated the balls -- and the NFL seems to be saying that they did -- then they should get a stiff penalty. Because, while having a criminal record is practically a qualification for employment as a pro football player, once you're in the door, you'd better clean up your act. *sarcasm*

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    I found it interesting that for the Superbowl, and in all superbowls, a third party takes control of the balls, checks the pressure and keeps them until the game begins. Why hasn't this happened for all of the games?

    On a more serious note, have you noticed that in almost all of the talk, whether on the news, The Today Show or The View, as soon as someone says "balls", everyone begins to smile, if not laugh. I understand that to avoid some of the ball problems, in the future, the NFL will only use balls made by the Schwetty Sports Equipment Co. You can count on proper firmness when handling Schwetty balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    You can count on proper firmness when handling Schwetty balls.
    Apparently, there is such a thing. And firmness -- oh my! A bit beyond NFL standards in that regard, I expect.

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    Haha....I wonder if Saturday Night Live knew that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Haha....I wonder if Saturday Night Live knew that.
    Check the dates. I think SNL was there first.

    In other news: the Bear's equipment manager will be in charge off game balls. No one can question his impartiality because the Bears' organization from top to bottom has no interest in Super Bowls.

    On the other hand, if you tossed a couple manhole covers nickles his way, he might overlook a thing or two.

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