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Thread: Brag about your pet(s)

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    Our pets are a huge part of my life, I am proud that both of mine are rescue pets from animal shelters.

    Zoe(monster) is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois. She is extremely smart , instinctively and very protective of our family, especially me. She loves to play catch, ride in the car, go on walks, runs. Her breed of dog is naturally very active and she is by far, no exception.

    Spooky is our medium hair cat who, like a majority of cats, enjoys lounging and getting Zoe in trouble for chasing her. She is very 'talkative' especially when you tell her no, she will backtalk and tell you off anytime you dare ruin her plans. The picture is of her laying in our Christmas wreath that we just purchased and dared lay on her little perch. As with everything else, what is ours is hers

    So show off your pets and brag a little. I would enjoy seeing them and reading about them.

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    We have one cat. We adopted her from a shelter. She was 2-3 when we got her. We named her Science. She's such a fun and loving cat.

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    I rescued a medium-haired/Manx mix from the local shelter. When I brought her home she wanted nothing to do with me, or anyone else for that matter. Now, 4 years later, she knows me by my smell, my voice, how I walk, and where my bedroom window well is. She will sit in my lap for about 5 minutes (per day, sometimes up to 15) and, when allowed in the house, will not sit or lay on anything that I haven't sat on, except the floor.

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    We have a two year old golden retriever who we bought from a farmer way out in the country. She is one wild, crazy dog, but we love her dearly. She loves to play with her toys, run around the house and pounce on me. We got her after our golden suddenly died. She has filled the void in our heart that the other one left.

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    We have a very social 17-year-old female tuxedo cat who loves to sleep with us -- when she can manage to jump up onto the bed. She was two years old when my wife and I adopted her, and we sometimes refer to her as our first child. She loves to get into meow conversations with people. She'll meow at you as long as you meow back, which I've always enjoyed doing. I'm quite good at meowing after all these years.

    We've also got a few fish, and my daughter has a guinea pig.

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    I have my Guinea Pig pet friend, "Ernie".

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    We have 2 cats. One names Blacky, and the other named Tigger. They are some of the oddest cats ... I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. XD

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    i have one dog that i have to give up I cannot have pets at the place i currently live and she is living with at my grandma's and my brother is taking care of her. He does not mind doing it but she is food aggressive with his dog. Hence i have to give my baby girl up.

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    I have a 12 year old Tortishell Kitty, named Mia. She was born stray and we didn't want to see her get sick and pass away so we adopted her. She's got quite the attitude for her age, but I love her to bits.

    We also have 2 Cairn Terriers named Winston and Churchill. I think they're both little bastards, but Winston is awesome.

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    I have a dog but I'm not sure what he is, we think he's a terrier mix but that's just what the vet said. he came to us as a stray in the night as a little puppy being chased by one of the feral cats.

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