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Thread: Night 3 in diapers

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    Default Night 3 in diapers

    So I got the flu and one of the symptoms I have is diarrhea

    This is a really embarrassing story. The first morning after the worst of the fever aches and chills were over, I thought I had to fart...well it wasn't a fart, and I messed the bed. It was like 5 in the morning. I manage to carefully get up, clean myself, strip the bed. After that I showered, then put on a diaper (really wished I had done that before going to bed in the first place) and went to sleep on the sofa.

    So the next night I decided to use caution and padded up...which was good, because when I woke up the next morning, still feeling sick, I lay in bed watching tv. I had another wooopsie accident but fortunately I was protected and the nice clean sheets were saved.

    Last night I wore and was fine in the morning. My stomach has still be a bit off, but much better. I'm wearing one more night just to be safe. I think by tomorrow I'll be back to normal.

    Anyone ever have anything like that happen to them while they've been sick?


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    My wife did the last time she was sick. She borrowed some of my diapers for a few days until she got over that.

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    I've not had to do that for a while, but I was home doing the prep for my colonoscopy and my wife came in and said "Are you wearing a diaper?" and I said yes. She said it was a good idea, she almost tried that when she was prepping for hers.

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    I'm going to have to do that soon too. I should probably make sure my stash is in good order before hand.


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    My first memory of diapers was when I had bad diarrhea, my mom had put me in them after potty training because it was so bad and she didn't want to deal with the mess in the morning, I must have been 3 or 4 at the time. When I am sick though, diapers really help keep the headaches to minimum, I'd rather change the diaper a few times than keep running to the toilet or have issues at night.

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    I don't get sick often, and if I ever get diarrhea .. it's usually never terrible enough that I absolutely need a diaper. I do wear diapers though when I am sick, but that is mostly due to being more prone to having a wetting accident then anything.

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    This is sort of a tangent...but HOLY crap everyone seems to be getting sick all of a sudden!

    I had no idea there was something up with people getting sick until I started to feel awful a few days ago. Asking around though, it seems a ton of people are getting flu or flu like stuff all of a sudden. And I haven't been *properly* sick in literally years now...sheesh.

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    It's going around like you wouldn't believe! Hope you don't get as sick as I did.


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    When I do get sick wearing a diaper is one of the last things I think about. Normally I don't do #2 when wearing a diaper. Actually only because of the smell. And diarrhea is even worse! It's like so nasty and then lying in bed with a terribly stinking diaper is really nasty. I rather sit on the toilet all night long. But everyone is different.
    I hope you feel better soon

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