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Thread: Any Trekkies?

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    Default Any Trekkies?

    Any one else here a trekkie?

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    I guess I am in fact, although I haven't really considered myself one in name. The original show was one of my first childhood TV obsessions and I avidly awaited each new movie when they went that route. I wasn't an instant convert to TNG but I watched faithfully and it finally got good. I've had varying degrees of success with the other series but I've seen every episode except the DS9 baseball episode, which I'm boycotting due of general silliness. The latest movies are excellently cast but don't feel much like Star Trek to me. I'm curious to see what will happen now that Abrahms is out of the director's chair. Perhaps we'll see something that isn't a retread.

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    yup. seen every episode of every series and i collect the action figures

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    Longtime Trekkie here. I grew up watching The Next Generation, and I loved it. I always loved the thoughtfulness of it, that the solution wasn't just shooting everything until it smoked. I never got into DS9 as a teen, but I think I was just a bit too young to really get the nuance and depth of it. I watched Voyager for the first two seasons, but I felt like it just wasn't getting better.

    It's funny, as I had relatively little exposure to the original series until I was a bit older. Consequently, while I can appreciate it by way of it being the original and being groundbreaking for its era, I don't have the love for it like I do for TNG. It's a fine show, but I have to remind myself that it's 1960s storytelling and television hadn't quite gotten to rich nuance and depth yet.

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    Well I was to a Star Trek convention in 1978 and met "Scotty". I own all three seasons of the original. I know the episodes but can not name them off the top of my head.

    I liked TNG, and got bored with deep space 9, and pretty much everything after that.

    I liked the first Movies, but when they changed the time reality for the new movies I lost all interests (excuse me but Spock never had a thing for Ohura!)

    So does that make me a treky?

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    I would describe myself as somewhat of a trekkie. My basic rundown:

    Origional Series:
    - Liked it, still watchable but in a nostalgic kinda way, if I hadn't seen it as a kid it probably wouldn't have the same appeal at all

    - Liked it, but hasn't aged particularly well. Still has some very solid episodes, but the vast majority of episodes feel kinda lame now.

    - Loved it. Yes it was a cliche war story done in space, but it was a really damn good cliche war story done in space. I especially loved how they fixed the various races (especially the klingons) such that they actually made sense rather than being 1 dimensional plot devices.

    - Boring characters, boring stories, and an entire season dedicated to a character who got boring 3 episodes in. A small number of ok episodes, but never could get into it. The Janeway character in particular was quite terrible. They went overboard with the strong female character thing, and we ended up with this all powerful all knowing and entirely unbelievable captain. You got the impression that the crew was just there for her convenience, as she was pretty much an expert on everything.

    - Absolutely loved the look and feel, hated the characters and stories. They really nailed the whole early explorer vibe, and the ship felt a lot more realistic (especially details such as the engine room and the control panels), but the characters were dull and flat (much like Voyager) and the stories were unoriginal and predictable. The heavy reliance on time travel as a plot device in particular really killed the show for me (I hate time travel centred plots unless they are done really well, and these wern't). Also what they did with the Vulcan's was damn criminal!

    The Movies:

    Not a fan of the generations movies, and really they are all kind of meh, with the possible exception of wrath of khan.

    The latest movies are excellently cast but don't feel much like Star Trek to me.
    The RedLetterMedia "Mr. Plinket" review of the first reboot ( pretty much sums up all my feelings about the movie. They basically turned star trek from science fiction to star wars style science fantasy, but that in mind they made a pretty damn good movie and it was pretty much the only way it was going to happen given current audiences and the history of the series.
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    I am a big trekkie. Love TOS,TNG,DS9. Voyager was meh and ENT was awful.

    Also does anyone have netflix here?

    If someone could check something that be great. Is there any episodes missing from the tv series.

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    I love startrek, My favourites are TNG, and DS9. Never really got into TOS other than the movies and a few key episodes. I like VOY and ENT as well. The new start trek movies are kinda dumb imo, coulda been called "SPACE MOVIE" and have gotten the same reaction, the only thing trek about it are the names of the characters.

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    I am a "Trekker"! Trekkie is a derogatory term from the 60s given by those who don't have a clue or are star wars fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    I am a "Trekker"! Trekkie is a derogatory term from the 60s given by those who don't have a clue or are star wars fans.
    Beat me to it! Trekker here. Original series

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