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    Like most of you I buy almost all of my abdl clothing , supplies online, a few incidentals I cn buy in stores. I would love to go to a ABDL department store and shop, browse and try on items without any concerns, assisted by individuals who share a similar interest.


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    That would be neat, I would go there.

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    It seems to me that I read another post some time ago that said there are a few physical ABDL stores. Unfortunately, due to our low numbers, these stores are very few and not anywhere close to me.

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    If you live in Ontario, Canada you are in luck. have a physical store in Waterloo

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    I like shopping online, as I like getting stuff in the mail hahaha but an AB shop would be cool, at least everything is in one place, I make a lot of my own stuff,as I know what I like, and keeps cost down,even snap on nappies can be hand made at home

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    I too would love to go to an ABDL department store as well because I hate waiting for the stuff I order online. When you buy in stores you don't have to wait for you product to arrive.

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