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    I love the llok and feel of petticoats lifting my hem higher exposing my diaper for all to see, that me. What about thee?

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    YES - YES - YES The petticoats MUST be raised upward and outward just like a stiffy tu-tu enabling all the ruffled frillies of the oversize bulky (optional LOCKING) diaper cover to be splendidly visible !
    AND all that much better if the colors are NEON PINK.
    Everything on display - no where to hide !
    I like it - I like it !
    A pretty belly button length blouse with puffy peasant cap sleeves or dress of same design.
    Best when worn with a hem waist length dress or short micro mini skirt with no effort to conceal !
    Then thigh high hose with pretty PINK bows and Mary Janes.
    Too bad the Macy's and the Rose Bowl parades are over for the "SISSIES ON PARADE" expo !

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    Or even... Just a touch of the petticoat showing it's lace below the hem of the dress, love it!


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    I would like to try on a petticoat someday, but may come soon so I'm hoping that it does.

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    I like the natural swirl of the petticoat when you walk and the way the back is drawn between your legs, gently brushing against the back of your legs. Why do girls have all the fun?

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    I love the fullness and softness of a good petticoat; lashings of soft layers to make it bouncy and wide. I've had 2, the one I use now is a kinda starchy and stiff. I bought it from a bridal wear place on eBay. It's OK but itchy. The one I got rid of during a purge was a really beautiful soft one made by a UK kink company called Hell Bunny.


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