View Poll Results: Favourite Prints/Patterns for Little wear?

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  • Plain Block Colours

    6 7.23%
  • Teddy Bears

    15 18.07%
  • Fairies and/or Princesses

    15 18.07%
  • Animals

    17 20.48%
  • Transport - Trains, Planes, Spaceships etc.

    20 24.10%
  • Other

    10 12.05%
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Thread: Prints & Patterns

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    Default Prints & Patterns

    Yay, a poll! Gigglemuffinz will be pleased.

    Anyway - I was thinking today about patterns for AB clothes & accessories, and realised that I frequently tend to go for things which are teddy related. I have a bib with teddies on, a bear t-shirt which says Teddy Time on it, and another similar one with a smiley bear which says Unbearably Cute. There's also the small matter of my beloved Winnie the Pooh sippy bottle!

    I do, however, also like things with train or spaceship prints, and I have a few animal onesies. So, what are everyone's very favourite type of prints & patterns for Little time clothes?

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    I love fairies and princesses! Girly fairy tale prints are the best to me!

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    Teddies usually since that tends to be very baby like. I am very girly and love the color pink, but fairies and princesses are not my thing.

    It also highly depends on my mood I guess. Other animals that are cute can work too.

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    I went other as I like just about anything pink and girly. But I also like Pooh or Mickey stuff also.

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    Anything with lions or tigers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    Anything with lions or tigers.
    and bears, oh my! =o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    and bears, oh my! =o
    Lol, I know right!

    - - - Updated - - - one of my current favorites.

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    Anything space related is a win for me. Stars, planets, galaxies, spaceships, comets, meteors, asteroids, etc, I would enjoy very much.

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