This is just a bit of an update to a past situation if you want to know the other half of the story than refer to here

So after I took some advice from the site, things went well for a while but we've kinda become distant with each other (and that's putting it mildly). He no longer wants to do anything with me, anytime I try to talk to him he just follows along just rarely saying anything, we usually don't really argue but now it's become a total mess, I'ts started becoming full on brawls.My mom began to notice this so she decided against our knowledge to set up a meeting with a psychiatrist. I was pissed when i found out what she did. it's easy for me to talk about my problems with other people, but when I'm put into a corner i freak out.we haven't really talked much to here about the general problem so far just about how we were before all of this occured but what shes told us is that we have separation and anxiety issues. so she gave us each a journal to write how we felt ,and about eachother. So five excruciating appointments later here i am with my problem.

I caught him reading the journal she had asked us to do as our assignments. he apologized and II acted like I forgave him but I was mad at him for betraying the trust I had in him keeping his promise.So out of necessity to retaliate ,at night, I took his book from his hiding spot and locked myself in the bathroom and started reading. What I read kinda put me in a depressed mood. he's pissed at me for what I said to him before all of this and thinks I just consider him a nuisance. I'm going to talk to her when i see the doctor next month but right now i can't think of anything to make the situation any better.