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    So, Rite Aid has a brand of diapers called Tugaboos. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with these? Are the size 6 diapers comparable to other baby diapers? I mainly just want something with tapes as opposed to a pull-up type, and these look kind of cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    Tugaboo? Never heard of 'em...sorry :P

    Here's a review about the diaper:
    Tuggaboo sounds like a racial slur, I know it not, but it seems like something Randall would say.

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    I keep meaning to grab a bag of these and see what they're like. From what pictures I can find, the elastics on Tugaboos look better than average. Still, unless I was very small (which I'm not), I wouldn't bank on being able to tape them on without mods. Tape extensions are a likely requirement.

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    Thank you, Snivy, for the link! I am pretty small so I'm not really worried about the fit. I am headed to rite aid later so I guess I will see! Fortunately, they are fairly inexpensive, especially with a wellness card discount.

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