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    I just received my first ever cloth diapers from you, an AIO AB Cloth Star Wars print, and ALO PUL Lil Monsters. Both are very nice looking, soft and comfortable, and I thought I'd love them. The problem is, both leaked, the Star Wars quite badly. I did not wet either of them all that much, just one normal wetting. The PUL leaked from around the legs slowly over about 15 minutes while I was laying in bed. The cloth diaper leaked right away after I peed while sleeping on my stomach.

    I am new to using cloth, but did follow the enclosed instructions. They were washed with normal detergent and tumble dried thoroughly before use. Both fit well, snug but not overly tight as to cause discomfort. I thought they were both all in one diapers, meaning I would not need plastic panties.

    I've contacted Dependco and I'm waiting on a response. Just bums me out to get what I thought was going to be two nice diapers that are really only expensive training pants at best.

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    I share your bummed-out-ness! I hope you'll let us know what you hear back, as it may help others decide whether these diapers are right for them.

    That they leaked from the leg cuffs leaves me wondering if they just don't fit you well. Could they be too small, perhaps -- not rising to where they can hang firmly on your hips? Is there any gapping between the leg cuffs and your skin?

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    They seem to fit pretty well. I did hear back from Monika, which was a little surprising given its Sunday. She asked the same thing about fit. As I've never used cloth diapers, she was afraid I may not have the fit right, or have put them on tight enough. I don't know for sure, but I can tell you they were both on snug. There was no gap I could see or feel in the legs. I do have bigger than normal thighs, so that could be an issue, but the elastic leg cuffs are tight but not stretched to the max.

    I've already washed them both again. I'm wearing one now as I surf and watch some football. Not soaked yet, but I have peed a bit. So far no leaks and still comfortable. Soft and cozy actually.

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    I've been wearing Dependeco's now for over two years. I use a booster pad with mine and that helps control leaks.
    After you wash your diapers five or six times they should be at max absorbency. I had those minor problems with
    mine the first times I used them. I've tried using them without the booster pads and had minor leaks around the
    leg openings. I found for me they were a good overnight diaper and didn't leak on me. Plus I'm a side sleeper.

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    Another thing to realize is that the seams of diapers like this DO wick a little moisture, especially when the diaper is really wet. The outside of the diaper near the leg openings, especially in the crotch, WILL get a little damp. That's a slight drawback of this type of diaper.

    Also, the diaper only has a 4 layer soaker sewn in. Even though the type of fabric is more absorbent than some other diaper fabrics, 4 layers isn't designed to absorb more than a single wetting. If you want more absorbency, you will need to add more inserts/soakers/stuffers.

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