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Thread: Registry? WTF???

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    Default Registry? WTF???

    My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console\

    I have three folders...

    "Babyfurs deserve respect" Its a picture I made in PS. I deleted it ages ago.

    "Meh Pic." Another one from so long ago I can't remember...

    "Respect me!" Another one from a million years ago...

    Whats going on here? Can I delete these from my registry? /Rawr.

    A very confuzzled ~Gwizzy~

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    Well if they are all items that you once had and have now deleted, then they will be redundant registry entries and should be fine to delete, but to be sure I would try giving a registry cleaning type program to see if that see's them as redundant entries.

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    Just delete them, it won't do any ham. I wonder hoe they got there to start with, that's quite odd... I'm curious to know what you're doing playing with regedit anyways? :S

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    I should think that they are safe to delete. Looks more like those Adverts registry thingys that slow down your computer.

    Also Google them just to be on them safe side.

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