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Thread: I think I'm making my return?

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    Default I think I'm making my return?

    Hello there! :)

    I'm Kris. I was on here briefly a few years ago when I was 15ish, but then the site policy changed and it became an 18+ site instead, so my account was locked. I kind of forgot about it until last week when I realised I was actually of age to come back, so here I am aha. I wasn't too active when I was here, so I doubt anyone will actually remember me but that isn't really the point. :p

    Anyway, I'm an 18 year old guy from Scotland who is currently studying Biology at university, which I'm really enjoying. I'm also currently working weekends in retail, which I'm not so keen on - of course, it could be a lot worse, but still.

    I'm a *HUGE* Harry Potter fan (surprising from the name of course haha), and I'm pretty into My Little Pony and Pokemon too. I'm a bit of an anime fan, though not as hardcore as a lot of other people aha, and I also like video games (mainly my 3DS and Playstation). I'm quite keen on reading too - especially a shameful amount of cheesy young adult novels, A Song of Ice and Fire and naturally Harry Potter. I'm a little bit of a toy collector, although I don't own nearly as much as I would like to unfortunately. Naturally as a student I do tend to enjoy going out too on occasion, though I suppose that doesn't really count as a real interest haha.

    In terms of ABDL stuff, I've been interested since a fairly young age, then started lurking around online at maybe 13 or so. I joined ADISC at 15 and bought my first nappies shortly afterwards. I've been wearing since, and tend to wear every week or two I guess, though I would like to wear a bit more regularly in the future. I'm a mixture between an AB and DL depending on my mood and the scenario, though even my adult side can be quite immature in a few ways. It took me a while, but I think I'm most of the way to accepting my interests now and I'm fairly content with who I am as a person, which is nice. I have a few other kinks too, although I don't think I'll post them publicly aha.

    I have a lovely boyfriend who I care about a lot - we share a lot of interests, including ABDL stuff (which is not a coincidence aha) so that saves a bit of awkwardness. I'm always looking for new friends though, which is mainly why I decided to post again, so feel free to say hello! :)


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    Welcome back! I worked retail for three years so I know what you mean. It taught me a lot about people in general and helped me overcome some of my shyness. Hang in there - there is life after retail!

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    Hi Kris and welcome back also from me. I hope you will have good time in here

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    Hello and welcome. I'm glad you returned. I worked in retail for one summer after I graduated from high school. I was glad to leave it and go to college. My part time job while in college was directing church choirs and playing the organ. I too had a boyfriend back then, but I never divulged my diaper desires. Anyway, welcome back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFifthMarauder View Post
    Hello there!
    Hello! Nice to meet you! So glad that you came back now that you're 18, how cool. We have some stuff in common, though I think you have even more in common with my husband. Biology major, pokemon, harry potter... based on this alone I should probably go get him reading Fire and Ice if he hasn't already! I love Harry Potter, but have only recently been introduced to Pokemon. I have a 3ds as well and seriously considered getting a game, I think Pokemon X/Y... there seems to be something really appealing about trying to collect everything and get rare things. I kind of love that stuff. You have any recommendations?? Right now I'm playing Fantasy Life on my 3DS and it's fun! Very cute.

    Hope you find a nice home here now that you're of age. Glad to have you!

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    Yes, welcome back. I am glad younger folks use this site because your posts help me put in perspective what happend to me as a youth (still the same awkward situations or is the world a bit more accepting now?). Youth also tend to try newer products than us middle of the road agers....ha, so your experience with diapers / plastic underpants may put forth a better product). Most of my deeper realtionships in college went well even after I had to inform them of wearing protection at night for security. Other persons couldn't wait to leave as soon as I pulled out my protection to change into. Hope your guy treats you well (sounds like he does with mutual fun!).

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