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Thread: When you're sick

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    Default When you're sick

    It's that time of year with lots of colds and flus going around. When you're home sick, do you find yourselves taping (or pinning) up more often than not. For me, that's when I get a 100% free pass from my wife to diaper up.

    This of course does not apply to the 24/7 crowd.

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    This one comes up pretty frequently but I think our last thread on the subject just closed. From the replies, it seems like slightly more of us do like diapers when sick than don't. I don't. It's even one of my reliable signals that I'm starting to feel better when I start wanting diapers again.

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    Since I always wear at night, that doesn't count for me. But I do think about, and sometimes do diaper up during the day if I am home sick--just in case I couldn't make it to the bathroom on time or if I fell asleep/took a nap during the day because I would probably wet while sleeping. It's just a bit more comforting to me to be padded.

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    I'm like Trevor. When I'm sick with a cold, all I want to do is sleep and be left alone. Diapers don't really cross my mind. When I start to feel significantly better, I want to wear again. Wearing diapers is something I enjoy, and it puts me into my peaceful, comfort space. I can't find that space when I'm sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I'm like Trevor. When I'm sick with a cold, all I want to do is sleep and be left alone.
    While I'll agree with that, usually if I'm sick I'm drinking lots of fluids and want to just sleep. So it's diapers or lots of trips out of bed to the bathroom. The choice is obvious!

    and a few times I've had the stomach flu and at least a couple times have been very thankful to have been diapered. Nothing destroys a restful sleep like jumping out of bed to take care of a "wet fart".

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    I'm in the no diapers when sick group.

    When I am sick, I just don't feel like doing anything and that includes putting on a diaper and cleaning up afterward.

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    Count me as one who like to wear more. Diapers allow me to sleep longer without getting out of bed to pee and may be changed in bed. They may also cover "wet fart" concerns if those are part of the sickness. Besides, they are warm and warm feels nice when sick.

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    When I am sick the thought of putting on diapers is there but I tend not to put them on. I did do it one time and the diaper was soiled seconds after I taped in place.
    I will just usually stay in bed all day and cuddle with my plushies all day.

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    Yes, but I love a good snow storm...a day when it's just too nasty out for anyone to go anywhere is a great day to pamp up.

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    I normally don't wear during the day at home, stay on a schedule and I have no issues, close to the bathroom all day, but I want to get some rest and stay in bed I pad up and can do that without any outside interference of getting up 10 times all day, damn prostate anyway!

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