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    Hi everyone just to run past two things,

    1. If by wearing diapers relaxes me and de-stresses me should I be wearing more as I am at a very stressful time in my life ?,

    2. I would like to add to my DL side/embrace it a bit more by adding to it via pacifiers/sippy cups/bottles I would like to get some suggestions as to what are the best to get,

    thank you in advance.

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    I say go for it! Diapers are a stress reliever for me as well and I find myself padding up more often when I get stressed and theres nothing wrong with that. As long as it's not interfering with your normal everyday life then theres nothing wrong with doing it and enjoying yourself.

    As for your second question, there are many different options and opinions vary from person to person. I would look at different sites to see what you like best. Personally, I really like the Nuk5 pacifier. I got mine from you can also find other things like baby bottles and onesies there. One of the best places to find things is actually on ebay.

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    I have bought baby bottles at our local grocery store. You can see what they look like. For me, I kept it simple and got plain, plastic bottles with the silicon tips. I had to enlarge the hole on the nipple. I used a cork screw. I guess there's a strange irony there, though this baby prefers a good craft beer over wine. That said, I prefer whining over being reasonable....teehee.

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    If it helps take the burden off your shoulders, I don't see a reason why you shouldn't indulge more often. Just don't overdo it, and trust me, you'll know when you overdo it.

    For your second question, a bottle was my first AB investment, and to this day remains my absolute favorite AB item. But given that you're only profiled a DL right now, my suggestion to you would be footed pajamas; they're very comfy and complement diapers very well. Being snug in a footed sleeper while wetting your diaper gives security quite like nothing else. As for the items you listed, I can't really tell you what's best because every person is different; some people like sippy cups because they can drink more through that than a bottle, others like pacifiers because they just want something to soothe them without a drink placing them on a timer, but I personally still favor my bottle above all else. I like to have a drink on the other end of the silicone rather than nothing, and sippy-cups just don't work out for me at all.

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    For your first question, I'd say yeah, go ahead and wear if you feel that diapers help to de-stress. But take note that wearing diapers could cause stress in itself. Like for example hiding diapers from parents/family/roommates who don't know, buying and getting rid of them, proper hygiene etc. So do take note that you don't want to get stressed out by the very thing that is supposed to relieve your stress. In other words, moderation is important.

    As for your second question, I'd suggest something that you could cuddle. It could be a teddy bear or soft toy, or even a soft blanket or cushion at the extreme. Studies have shown that cuddling releases certain hormones that help to relieve and reduce stress.

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