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Thread: Need your Opinions

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    Default Need your Opinions

    Ok, after looking at Bellissimo's and Snuggies, and reading both of the articles,

    I want to try the Snuggies first before heading towards Bellissimo's (even thou the bambino's are where it's at I've heard) but I would like opinions first.

    What was your experience with the Snuggies diaper and how was it for you? Did you think it was a cute diaper? Did you think it lasted how you anticipated? Is it worth it?

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    I've tried Bellissimo. They'aby re great diapers and I love the waddled they force me to have. I've never tried snuggies, but I guess that now a goal for the future.

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    Snuggies are pretty thin.

    Source: ABDL subreddit.

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    They are thin but swell when wet. Having owned and used both brands my favorite is the Snuggies diapers. They feel like the Pampers that were around when I was a kid and can be pulled up and down if you don't want to use them for their intended purpose right away. This is not to take away from Bambino because their diapers are awesome in the super thick wide fun to wear diaper.

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    Snuggies are really more for play or looks, although they're not bad capacity for relatively low bulk. Bellissimos have a reaosnably cute taping panel and they're crazy high capacity. They both do a really good job at what they set out to do and if you're interested and have the money, I can recommend both or either. Unfortunately, neither are really reasonably priced at the per bag level, so it doesn't make much sense until you're talking about cases.

    It's a tough call to tell someone what to do in this case. Snuggies are cuter but that's only occasionally important to me. Bellissimos are almost too thick and unless I can devote the time, I often feel as though they're wasted. I guess I'd say if you're feeling like you want to try Snuggies first, do so.

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    Bellissimo are great diapers. I can wet them a lot without leaking.

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    I've used both. I like both, but for different reasons/situations I guess. Bellissimos are definitely thicker and have more capacity. Snuggies still absorb pretty quickly and hold a decent amount, do a good job at distributing and have a nice soft plastic, more discreet, good tapes and comfortable. Without breaking down each category, that's just some quick thoughts. I would recommend trying Snuggies for sure! And also Bellissimos when you get a chance.

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    Haven't tried Snuggies yet, and not sure if I will. Reading lots of reviews across the web reveals these lack pretty badly in absorbency and capacity. That and they run at $1.75 per diaper total (after shipping) if you buy a full 80-diaper case which is best case scenario price-wise. If you don't have $140 to blow your rate per diaper will be higher. So you might as well buy a case of Bellissimos - they're about the same cost per unit and you only need to buy 48 to get a good rate. They also hold far more.

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    The Snuggies really remind me of a baby printed Tena Slip Maxi. They're thin to start and hold and swell a lot more than you would expect, they also wick extremely well. I also feel they're genuinely high quality materials and construction, and the proprietors really put a great deal of thought into the design. I really look forward to the next run. I'll get a case no questions asked when they're available.

    The Bellissimos hold considerably more, for sure, but they have decreased in quality a bit over the past few years (not that they're bad, but not what they initially were from a materials standpoint) but the inside of Bambinos are extremely soft...I think they made the plastic cheaper and relocated the padding and made up the cost by increasing the quality of the liner.

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    Without having used Bellissimos and only Snuggies:
    Snuggies are very cute and really bring out the little in you (or as much as it can in a primarily DL user)
    Being very high in SAP content I feel this stops them wicking away wetness as much as say a molicare super plus or an M4
    They do leak a lil bit around the rear (about where your jeans rear pockets area) when they're a lil full (found this out the hard way but I anticipated this and wore new black cargo pants ^_^ clever I am :P )
    The tapes seem a lil out of balance to me, meaning I have to pull the front up higher than other brands to get the top tape on the landing strip, but this is not a bad thing as the front will fill up with pee even if you lay on your back in bed or stand up to go potty. Pulling the front up a lot higher will give you more wiggle room for capacity and folding it in on itself a couple times gives a nice bulky feel at the top front.
    I have ripped a tape off once when I got up in the morning and went to readjust the tapes before heading out for coffee.... think I was just a lil rough but time will tell I guess

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