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Thread: I love turtles

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    Default I love turtles

    Who love turtles, and what's your favorite animal?

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    I love turtles & tortoises, they are so cute! My favourite animal would have to be a Tiger or an eagle. Very hard chose to make as I really love many different animals. Animals are my friends. I am like Snow White in many ways

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    Turtles are neat, I also like cats and dogs.

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    I have a pet box turtle named Mikey, hes awesome and I have two cats. Mice are my favorite animal.

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    I like turtles! I'd never actually seen one up-close in its natural habitat until I went to Cuba. They're incredible creatures. My favourite animals are cats - I have an extremely affectionate Tabby/Siamese cat, so I'm a bit biased. I love Pandas as well, and I can relate to their love of naps and eating huge amounts!

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    I have a turtle and a parrot. I like bears, I have lots of the stuffed variety and people keep bringing me more bear things now.

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