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Thread: Games you have beaten in a quick time

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    Default Games you have beaten in a quick time

    This thread will be for postings from others of games that they have beaten in either a day or so or 24 hours.

    This can include games that were speed-run.

    One of the games I beat extremely fast is Smashing Drive for the Nintendo GameCube and I beat it withing 30 minutes.

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    I have a 38:26 on Donkey Kong Country from a run a little over a year ago. One death on Loopy Lights.

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    I beat pac-man and the ghostly adventures for the Nintendo 3ds really fast. I don't know the time because I sold it, but I know it was less than 24 hours

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    Although I don't consider myself an expert gamer. I've beaten Super Mario World in less than four hours without using the Star Road Warps.

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    My current personal record for 100%'ing Banjo-Kazooie is just under 4 1/2 hours, but I don't do any special routing or glitches/tricks for that, just playing the game normally.

    I do however really want to properly find the time to sit down and get some practice in on doing the speedrun route for any% on A Link Between Worlds. I've gone through the whole route once, and interestingly found some of the glitches/tricks easier than I expected to. Main two choke points atm for me are Turtle Rock Skip (Screw 1-frame windows in a 60fps game...) and getting used to the final battle with no sword/mail upgrades and no sheild, you take some serious damage that way.

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    As far as first play throughs, Portal is one of the few I've beat quickly. Of course I've been able to beat some games very quickly on second, third, or fourth play throughs.

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    Well it may doesn't sound impressive but my personal record would be GTA: Liberty City Stories in PS2. I remember I'm in Junior high and I play at from 5 AM in the morning until around 18:30 ish. Although to be fair it's not my first time I play that.

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    This one isn't very fast, but I did pull an all-nighter to beat Assassin's Creed Revelations on the release date. Took me until the sun rose, but still less than twenty hours. I mean, it's okay considering I took shower and lunch breaks and it was my first playthrough, but it's not great.

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    Metroid: Zero Mission. 1hr and 25mins. It was an any% run. I wish I could play like those speed runners.

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