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Thread: Best Cloth Diapers?

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    Default Best Cloth Diapers?

    I've been wearing Depends at home (my wife approves!). But the cost of disposables is high. What are the best cloth diapers?


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    MAN. Does anyone even introduce themselves first?

    Or search the forums for an answer?

    We also have a Wiki which might help: Wiki Welcome - ADISC Answers Wiki

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    I like night time weight pre-fold from the All Together Diaper co.

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    I used cloth diapers for years. I got mine from Kins, a prefold with two layers on the sides, six in the center. They take a long time in the dryer, perhaps 2.5 cycles on high. They were flannel diapers. I suspect either gauze or birdseye might be better, however. And using flat diapers, instead of prefolds, would help with the laundry process. It's a lot of work. When I lived in a more urban setting I had a diaper service launder my own diapers for me. That got expensive, too.
    Now I use disposable diapers, with a lined plastic pant over them for security. They leak less than the plain cloth diapers, absorbing faster and holding better - it's a chemical thing, I think, rather than simply a physical or mechanical thing as with cloth.
    Buy a few and try them, or buy just one. Check out diaper services in your area, too. Good luck to you, I hope it works well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I like night time weight pre-fold from the All Together Diaper co.
    I have to agree with you on this one Dogboy. That's all I use anymore. I was using those crappy Depends, but they gave me a bad rash from sweating, and I had to use a minimum of 3 at a time to keep from leaking, and poking the holes in the first two so the pee could get through to all of them was such a pain too.

    Go to AdultClothDiaperCo on google and you can find them easy enough. They also have the best plastic pants. The leakmasters are thicker, and hold up much better than anything I've used before.

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    I liked the KINS kind as well. They're modeled after baby diapers, and I like the fact that you can get AIOs or at least those velcro-on diapers that you put on like a regular disposable and just pull the plastic pants overtop - they're my favourite. Plus you can get cute prints too, and the shipping is pretty discreet. They have pull-ons and everything, so it's very convenient.

    B4NS has their own kind as well, which has thicker side panels for if you wet you bed on your side....They don't fit me as well though.

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    For North American cloth-wearers I strongly recommend Granitesmith on eBay. It has selection, price, and quick delivery. Granitesmith also has a separate site called Doodles Diapers. Adult Cloth Diaper is very good, too.
    My stash includes five dozen Curity 21-by-40s which are no longer produced. I consider them the finest diapers ever made. I've seen them go on eBay for $250 a dozen--a hot item for maniacs or fetishists (and where did THEY come from?).

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