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Thread: New updated wellness signature series diaper

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    Default New updated wellness signature series diaper

    I just received this sample in the mail today. I haven't tried them yet. But the thickness of them reminded me of the original wellness brief. See the pics. Has anyone got any yet. They sent out an email a week ago talking about the updates they done to them. Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow nice photos. I might have to get some of these diapers for my daytime use.

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    I just got a sample in, haven't tried them yet. On first inspection, they almost remind me of the total dry x-plus plastic, kind of soft. They almost seem a bit thinner than the previous superio, but I haven't got one of my old ones out yet to really compare against.

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    If they're a signature series, who's signature is on them? I hope to god it isn't mine!!! Maybe it says something clever like our signature spot on the blog, something like: "I"m A Big Baby!" Okay, I'm just being silly here. The idea of a signature series for an adult diaper struck me as funny.

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    Hey All,

    I just got my sample in today. Well, TWO samples actually. In the past you only got one sample. What I like is that unlike older runs, these are totally white all over. They remind me of the baby diapers I wore for my bed wetting in the mid 90's. accept that the tape tabs had baby print across the front of course. But brings back memories for me. They are also thicker than the last run of the Superio line too. The last run was half as thick. I still have 3 1/2 bags from the last run. Guess I need to order a case of these new ones when I can afford it. They also claim these new line will hold 2.6 liters and are rated to last 8 hours. Going to wear it tonight and see.


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    I'd like to hear how these perform. However, I've found that the claims that Wellness makes about their products is pretty much wild fantasy. On the last version of the Signature series, I don't see how they can claim you could get by with 3 a day or how the one could hold...oh what was it...4 liters? No.

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    Were those samples sent discreetly? I'm supposed to get one but I need to know how careful I need to be about receiving it...

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    Hi Tomviper,

    It came in a grey waterproof envelope with a sticker saying "EBM Ventures" and the company's address. And below that is my name and address. That's it. So yea, discrete.

    -Baby Stanley

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    Wore the diaper all night, it seems to act in a very similar way to the ATN diapers with it being very squishy. Personally, I don't really like this new version, I might give it another shot, but I liked the previous design run (it also was pretty much all white, only had a tiny bit of blue as a wetness indicator, they had already abandoned the printed taping zone a few months ago). I put a previous Superio next to the new ones, they are about the same thickness.

    Edit: Changed the diaper. It ripped very very badly that SAP got everywhere and it ripped the new plastic. I've never had a Superio ever rip like this, personally I think it is another case of them reducing quality to save on costs. I used to love the original wellness briefs, but they also changed the plastic and leaks now with many pinholes. I'm crossing my fingers that the northshore mid-range diapers come out soon, otherwise I guess its going to be XP Medical Absorbency Plus 3 for the time being.
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    Well I did get a free sample from them. Unfortunately I have discovered that there is a diaper out there that is actually to big for me sadly. I am 6'6" tall and apparently I could not use their x-large so any review I can do is going to not be any good. Those where samples of their superio diapers as well and not the regular ones fyi. The superio diapers appear to be improved in as much as I can tell. the leak guards appear tall and solid looking and the new plastic backing is better as in I think it's average now which is better then before. As for the padding it appears to be exactly the same and the old superio's where able to hold 86 ounces and these look about the same. Next time I am going to go get a large instead of a x-large because their sizing chart is not accurate and I know those will fit me considering how big the x-large where on me.

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