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Thread: Very crinkly diaper

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    Default Very crinkly diaper

    I was fortunate enough to get 4 cases of simplicity briefs for $35. They do not hold much at all and are ok for me during the day if I watch how much I drink and try to make trips to the bathroom every hour. They re super crinkly. Equal to or more so than the old attends.

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    Dry 24/7 is pretty loud, much better quality of diaper also

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    Really? I've heard the Bellissimo's are really Crinkly but not as much as the ones from a few years ago. Diapers change alot it seems.

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    I always wear cloth prefolds and vinyl pants over my suit, they make a more muffled crinkle than a disposable, kind of like thick bubble wrap, that's the best way I can describe it.

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    I'm waiting for a case of Tranquility ATN to be delivered I've heard they are supposed to be very crinkley, hope they are? Anybody tried these? I'm a brit so we don't get these here!

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    By far the most crinkly nappy I have ever used is the Comficare. The plastic backing is about average but they have a thick plastic tape landing zone which is VERY noisy!

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    The cheap IB Briefs from First Quality is also very crinkly, its like wearing a trashbag, not very absorbent though.

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