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Thread: Friends becoming closer than usual

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    Default Friends becoming closer than usual

    Hey everyone,

    I introduced my best friend and an ex of mine about three weeks before new years'.
    We had a bit too much to drink on new years'. We crashed at mine, I couldn't really sleep even tho I had my son to deal with in the morning but my best friend said she would look after him for me, so I let her. Some reason I had the urge to wake up. My best friend kept asking me if I was okay, I kept saying I was drunk and fine, so I went back to a light sleep and all a sudden I heard kissing noises, I thought it was people outside but it wasn't, it was my best friend and my ex, (we have patched things up and have become friends again). I didn't say anything, I went back to sleep again. I was in and out of sleep that night, I just couldn't get the image out of my head.

    When I woke up that morning/afternoon *I think*. My ex came outside with me while I was having a smoke, and told me that my best friend and him hooked up. So that's fine, I don't mind that but what I do mind is that my best friend hasn't told me shit about what they have been up to. I know it's none of my business but I would of been told the truth but I feel the truth is been hidden from me.

    I had my ex stay with me last night, he stays with me to get away from his flatmates girlfriend, which I don't mind... But at some weird hour, he cuddled into me and pinched my butt, I don't mind that. But then he woke up and said he had a wet dream about my best friend. Tonight he's staying at her place, she says shes a virgin, but for some reason I don't believe that she's one.

    I hope this all makes sense to you all.

    Thank you,

    allybearloves xoxo

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    I can understand how from your situation it seems like they had hid the truth from you. Maybe you friend was just kinda nervous about how you react to the news, and afraid? Wanted to tell you but didn't want to hurt your friendship? At least.. that's one way I could imagine. I don't know if she kept the truth from you out of any meanness or anything. Maybe just fear. Still, I can understand why you are upset. I just hope it all doesn't get too weird and blowing up and stuff.

    She also might have some reason she might want you to think she's a virgin, if she is lying about that? I wouldn't necessarily assume that it's a lie, but if it is.. you know. She might have a reason for it that isn't intended to be mean either. I know that when I was growing up it seemed like not being a virgin felt like the same thing as an saying you were a whore, and even though I was a virgin.. I would have been nervous about admitting otherwise if I wasn't. She might just need help understanding that she doesn't need to be nervous around you, and that she can be honest with you.

    A lot of this is assumptions since I don't know much, but I hope maybe any of this is helpful. You definitely should express how this stuff makes you feel, but always remember where the other person is coming from too.

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    Thank you so much for taking your time to read my comment.

    I just feel that she can't trust me anymore, but I'm not sure.. I'll let her to tell me in her own time

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