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Thread: I'm afraid in the dark

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    Default I'm afraid in the dark

    But that's problem? Cause i dont know... And why have got this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyfun View Post
    But that's problem? Cause i dont know... And why have got this?
    Hmm, nothing to be ashamed of at all. Lots of people are afraid of the dark. It's more scarier outside than it is inside to be honest but you never know. I'm scared of the dark because I'm afraid I will run into a wall and stump my toe against a wall when I am running for a snack or to use the bathroom. There is easy tricks into conquering this kind of fear as it is somewhat a mild feeling at the moment. Things do happen in the dark but your best bet is to not let it affect you, there are some good alternatives that shed lite such as night light, turning on your bedroom light (which acts as a flash light towards some rooms). It's a small fear and we all (or some) have had it when we were kids, I know adults that are scared of the dark, I know a 15 year old and a 22 year old that is scared of the dark and one uses night lights all around the house while the other just listens for sound and plans his route around the house.

    Here are some good links to help you,

    While one shows a POV and the others show children related issues, this will give you some ideas that reflect off your post. The dark is a scary thing since you can barely see and more activities happen in the dark but the best thing to do is remain calm because panicking will get you no where. If your in the safety of your house, then there is not much to worry about. You will be fine because as long as you live in a safe neighborhood, you know your house really well, and you have certain pinpoints of things, then you technically have night vision as you know where everything is and will be so you don't spook yourself.

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    Usually I'm only afraid of the dark after I watch something sc.ary. I tend to stay away from horror movies because of it

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    I get afraid of the dark sometimes too. Being afraid of the dark is kinda natural, the dark is naturally... dark and fear heightens our systems to make us more aware so nothing creeps up on us and all that.

    I do think that when it's just preventing you from sleeping and stuff, it's important to remember that nothing exists in the dark that doesn't exist in the light though! And that we are bigger then our fears.

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    But there is a good thing with the dark - if you cant see the monsters, they cant see you either.


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    Quote Originally Posted by toyfun View Post
    Good picture, but if i sleeping, then i afraid this...
    oh sorry, didnt mean to make it worse

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