I moved back in with my Dad (and stepmom and 4 of my siblings) four months ago. So obviously I have not been able to wear diapers as much as I would like to. However, today, after not wearing in about four months, I put on a goodnite that I had stashed away. The first thing that happened, not even two seconds after I got the thing on, I wet. I did not even have to try or anything. It was like natural instinct. When I first tried to wet while wearing it was really hard. I had to force myself to let go.
I think it is a psychological barrier. When potty training we got out of being comfortable just going whenever, and with training pants we could still have accidents but it was not seen as a good thing, because big boys don't wet their pants.
However, un-potty training myself, I felt happy when I could wet without thinking about it, so my brain feels rewarded when I wet a diaper.
I know, this is no big revelation, and this is definitely something you could read more about elsewhere.
I guess my question for everyone else is: How did you un-potty train? Have you gone a long time without wearing and were able to get right back into it?
The second part of my story is this- I have had a weak bladder my whole life. Honestly, I think wearing some kind of protection is a necessity, for me. I have had quite a few experiences while working where I almost completely let go. I work at a food place inside of a store and have had to leave to go to the bathroom without getting someone to cover me. It impacts my work a lot. I also cannot squat down or lift heavy objects without being on the brink of an accident.
Yes, I have gone to the doctor. It is a genetic thing. He said that I could take medication for it, but I am not really too keen on taking meds. He said certain exercises can help, so I have been following that advice. It has helped quite a bit, but I still get those uncontrollable urges, even if all that comes out is a little bit.
Anyway, my part two question is this- how in the world do I hide bladder protection from kids (aged 16, 12 and 10) who I share a bathroom with? This is not something I want them knowing about. Also, I have found some pull-up adult underwear products that are wrapped like pads, so that could be helpful, but when I am at work, I feel like I should go for something more heavy-duty, especially if I am working alone in my station (I get a break about every 2 hours depending on how many hours I get.... and I never last that long without having to run to the bathroom, which co workers and managers are starting to get irritated about, and I really do not feel comfortable explaining to them why I have to go so often). I do not own a car right now, or else I would just stash them in the trunk like I used to when I had one.
I would generally forgo wearing any type of padding at home on a daily basis, if it were not for the bathroom being on the second floor and the chance that someone could be in there at any time. So far it has been working out for the most part because I go to the bathroom around every hour, just in case.

Wearing 24/7 seems like an ideal situation for me, if it were not for all of these kids around. I would not have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and I would not have to worry about going to the bathroom at least every hour, or worry about having an accident at work. I would still use the toilet whenever it is practical, obviously. I would never want to be dependent on diapers. But how in the world do I hide them from nosy kids???