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Thread: Sales on Bambino Diapers

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    Default Sales on Bambino Diapers

    Do Bambino ever have a Sales on their Diapers?

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    Yes. They do around significant holidays throughout the year. It is periodic, but if you subscribe to their mail list you'll get emails when they are having some form of a sale. Also if you check the forums on Adisc regularly someone usually posts if they are having a sale.

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    Maybe one specific Post section for sales on diapers, disp or cloth, along with US or Canada and the website address? Could be very helpful instead of surfing and searching all the time?

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    Sales are usually based around the Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving).

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    Their timing is strange sometimes. They did Black Friday this year, and I think July 4th and then something back in spring, valentines day maybe.

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