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    Been stressed out lately and putting off buying diapers because I don't want to get caught/have to explain myself. Tonight, I finally bought some but I need a decent hiding spot. I've kept them in my car before, but now that it's cold I don't want to keep them there. Right now they're in the package in my backpack (that I'm not using at the moment because I'm on winter break) that's in my closet.

    Do any of you have other good hiding places? I'll need a few ideas to hide them at college, too.

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    When I used to have to hide my diapers, my main places were at the top of my closet in the back behind some stuff and under my bed behind stuff.

    Now that my mom knows they are just in a stack next to my bed

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    I used to do a thing where I hid them in a box that was hidden within a box of unorganized important papers. Kinda a thing were people will open up a box and see nothing but boring papers and not really see a need to dig further.

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    I use a large trunk but in your case a new trunk might raise questions.

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    mine are currently in a suitcase inside a bigger suitcase under my bed.

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    Used ones go into the safe I previously needed for work (fireproof, so it prevents any smell from getting out until garbage day.) the unused diapers go into an old chest I had got when I was younger for rock collecting. Actually locks too because I had some precious stones when my grandmother got it for me!

    ADISC has an article on this topic this has a lot of great advice, hope it helps!

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    When I lived at home I kept my supplies inside a cheap safe, the kind of lockable box that one would usually keep important documents in. Buying one of these may raise suspicions at home, but at college I think it's a good idea. You shouldn't need to go out of your way to hide stuff at college, you should just be able to keep private stuff locked away.

    Do you have an old backpack that other people would be unlikely to use? I'd be tempted to put them in a backpack, put general junk in on top of them, and then sore the backpack in a seldom used cupboard in your room. A safe would be the best bet though. You might be able to buy one on the pretence that you need a secure filling cabinet. I'm sure at your age you'll have a few documents (college stuff, driving related, employment, tax etc.) that need to be kept for the future.

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    Take the bottom drawer of your dresser out and hide them in the hollow space between the bottom of the drawer and the ground...that's what I do and it works flawlessly!

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    I hide them in two stages: The main storage is somewhat annoying to get to because it's inside a box at the bottom of another large box of junk. I have to pretty much empty my closet to get to it, but it'll hold a pack or two of diapers. Then my secondary storage is inside a box inside an old computer case currently being used to store some old computer parts. That one is real easy to get to, but only holds a few diapers. I always take from the secondary spot to wear, and then refill it from the main spot whenever no one else is home.

    I guess the two main points here are having a decoy (e.g. inside a box with stuff that no one will have reason to dig through), and then keeping the access easy enough that you don't give yourself away trying to get at them.

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    I used to have a waterbed with drawers under it, there was a pretty large empty space between the back of the drawers, I would pull out the drawers and use that area as my hiding place.

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