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    Does anybody else out there still in high school or middle school still wear briefs everyday to school, even if you have to change for gym?
    I have worn them since my parents forced me out of diapers when i was young and i don't have any problems changing in the locker room. Usually about the first week of gym each year i catch crap for it, but it doesn't bother me and people stop. Has this happened to anybody else or have i just been spared?

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    I had a boyfriend in high school who had worn briefs his whole life. Actually, I think it had more to do with being cheap than anything else. He's 26 now, and I'm quite sure he's still wearing briefs, perhaps the very same ones he wore when we dated.

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    Since when do you have to justify your choice of underwear to anyone?! I can understand that you're worried about your underwear when you're going on a date and want to look good for the girl (guy), but where's the point in wasting time and energy for choosing your underwear on normal days. As long as it's clean and covers the necessary parts, it's no one's business what you're wearing.
    So stand up for your right to wear your preferred choice of underwear!


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    i think it's hilarious that it makes such a big difference to people. is there some qualitative feature of the actual physical structure of briefs that makes you a pansy if you prefer them to boxers? XD

    i've always worn briefs. i don't like things bumping around down there, and rubbing when i walk.

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    I wear both. Prefer briefs though. I like the snug leg bands and support better than boxers, but if i'm sleeping or have to wear a tuxedo, i'll wear boxers.

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    Briefs are so much better than boxers.
    "But briefs are sooo tight, they hurt your balls! You must have no balls if you're wearing those!"

    This why I hated P.E (fine, 'gym class' ). They're just briefs, it's not like I was walking around naked!
    But I guess it was school that forced me into boxers... Now I wear boxer-briefs!

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    I've always been nervous around other people... I've never changed in a locker room. I got bad marks in middle school P.E. because I wouldn't change my clothes into the P.E. uniform... And then some random kid dry-humped my leg while we were doing some stupid dancing thing. I haven't taken P.E. since then.

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    Briefs contain you in the middle... Boxers can let you fall into one side or the other... Then you have to go fishing... And it gets worse if you meet someone who stimulates your interest 0.o

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    It's perplexing how important underpants can be and how perspectives can change. When I was in middle school (the only time I had to take P.E.- I got a waiver in high school so I could take different classes instead), I only recall one or two other boys ever turning up with boxers. The ridicule was quick in coming. Basically, boxers were underwear for old people, like tank top undershirts (note that it was okay to wear a tank top, but not as an undershirt). Really, undershirts of any kind were a bit uncool, but tank top ones were just right out.

    Almost imperceptibly this changed after I got out of school. I'm probably missing the magic moment since I'm always behind on fashion trends, but it seemed like the acknowledgement of the changeover was the ridiculous "boxers or briefs" question for Bill Clinton when he was first running for president.

    As I am behind on things, it took me a while before I was willing to try anything different. These days I have briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, and of course the ever popular diapers. I'm probably still most comfortable in briefs, but there are nice things about each.

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