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    Hey so as many have heard Dry 24/7 has been working on new tapes. I was able to talk to them and here is the info I have from them. Check out the video I did about it.

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    As I have said before I've never had problems with the tapes. I don't know if it's just the larges that have problems or not.

    I wish they'd just add a taping panel strip. Then they wouldn't have to worry about having a plastic shell ripping. The second chance tapes are the ones I usually have the least amount luck with on any diaper. If they would add a taping panel then they wouldn't need the double tape feature, and wouldn't have to worry about the shell ripping. Then the diaper would be refastenable, sturdy, and the diaper would be less likely to sag.

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    Ugh...instead of making us watch a video, can't you just tell us what they said? What a tease for those with slow internet connections!

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    I have more news. Out of the last three cases I bought of Large size, five of the packs had defective diapers in them. The defect is a bad die cutting of the diaper, resulting in tapes that are four or five inches below where they should be and leg cut-outs that are also four or five inches below (to the front) of where they should be. Out of the last five packs I had on hand, when I opened all five I found two with defective diapers. Now I have three packs, or 54, defective diapers on hand. The adjustment offered me by DryCare is to buy a new case for $85, leaving me with $90 of bad diapers. I sincerely do not believe they intend to fix this problem and I sincerely believe they didn't care, or they knew, they were shipping bad product. I'm done buying their diapers. The good faith necessary for any business to proceed has been destroyed by them. I'll make a video of all the bad diapers and post it to YouTube soon.

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    i never really had problems with the medium ones, are you guys having problems with medium or the large? i bought 3 cases when they first came out in the US, and i have used the originals, my only problem with them is the wicking distance which Ive solved with the abena maxi doublers, because i have no place or chance to change for like 6-7 hrs.

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