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Thread: ABDL's eating masher foods?

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    Default ABDL's eating masher foods?

    ABDL's eating masher foods? if so what? I'm just curious.

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    I like mashed potatoes and mushy peas. Can't say I've ever eaten either while in cubby headspace though, I imagine it would be a lot of fun with the right props, i.e. bib, highchair.

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    Thanks your post I like mushed foods, me too. Potatoes, and carrots, and corn.

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    I do eat mushier foods when I cub out, just have to be careful of the suit head even though it does have a mouth opening.

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    I love pureed fruit, mashed banana, mashed fruit pies with cream, melted chocolate, crushed sweet biscuits & reluctantly i eat mashed veggies too
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