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Thread: Baby pants training pants

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    Default Baby pants training pants

    Hi I want to know how good the baby pants traning pants are?

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    I have several pair of these training pants. They come in two different thicknesses. They are well made and have cute fabrics. They hold a fair amount of pee but are rather thick. Buy one and try it out.

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    How much does an almsot big kid hold would you say

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    Fabric and SAP have totally different capacities. Expect to have to wear multiple layers to match up to a premium disposable. Without plastic pants they would leak all over. I don't think it absorbs 2 cups. This product is designed more for thickness rather than capacity.

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    Love the style of the adult training pants, and i also like Gabby's Adult Ultima training pants. - But they both seem to need baby snaps or velcro for caretakers.

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    I have several pair of Baby pants training pants. I use the "my first training pants" because they are thicker. I am a bedwetter and use one or two pair of the training pants and a pair of peva or plastic pants over the top each night to deal with the wetting. I think the absorbency is good, they are comfortable--and soft--to wear, and I like the designs on the pants (I have one pair of white pants, too). I think it would be good to try a pair and see what you think. I like the ones I have.

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    I now have nine pairs, two of which are the "My First Training Pants" and the others, "Almost a Big Kid". I wear them instead of underwear unless my mother-in-law is staying with us, because of doing laundry. Anyway, I love them and they make me feel "little". I seldom wet in them as I'll use diapers for that. It's just nice to know that I can be a toddler 24/7. I find them soft, slightly bulky compared to regular underwear and the childish prints turn me on.

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    I have a couple pairs of the My First training pants from Baby Pants. I love 'em. They're very babyish, and also very functional. There are a lot of sizes to choose from, and the pants don't stretch much, so you have to be careful when you order. My own experience suggests that the way to go is to measure yourself, find the corresponding size, and then order the next size up. They'll shrink quite a bit in the first couple of washes and then they'll fit great. I made the bone-headed mistake of ordering precisely my size the first time. They fit perfectly straight out of the package (I couldn't resist putting them on immediately!) but then they never fit again. I can remember pulling them out of the dryer, stepping into them, and then FUUUUUU--!

    So don't repeat my mistake.

    The My First training pants are quite thick -- most of an inch thick in the middle once they've been through a few wash/dry cycles. They're basically a pull-on diaper, and they function very well in that capacity if you're willing to wear plastic pants or some other kind of waterproof cover over them. I use pull-on vinyl pants.

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    They never seemed to rise up enough for me, but maybe that is just my problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TootieTa View Post
    They never seemed to rise up enough for me, but maybe that is just my problem.
    i prefer the "low cut" or "bikini" styles, both for men and women. -

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