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Thread: Creative things on a computer...

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    Default Creative things on a computer...

    I think I am hugely creative when it comes to creativity stuff on a computer (I can't draw for crap). By "creative stuff", I mean 3D animation/modeling software, Photoshop, movie editing/special effects, etc.

    My software:
    -Maya Unlimited 2009
    -DAZ Hexagon 2.5
    -DAZ Studio
    -DAZ Bryce
    -DAZ Carrara
    -Cinema 4D
    -Pixologic ZBrush
    -Newtek Lightwave
    -3D Studio Max
    -Google Sketchup
    -Photoshop Elements 5/6/7
    -Photoshop CS2/CS3/CS4
    -Adobe Dreamweaver
    -Adobe After Effects
    -Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements
    -Adobe Flash
    -Adobe Illustrator
    -FLStudio XXL Edition
    -Several smaller tools that I don't remember

    So yeah, I have used pretty much every major piece of creative software...

    What software do you use or have used?
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    Cakewalk, Finale, Rosegarden, Lilypond, and I'd like to learn more of Denemo.

    Probably some others in there somewhere.

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    Flash, PaintShop Pro. And Maybe I'll write up a script or two to generate/modify images in python or MatLab. But I don't really find myself amking prety animatiosn or pictures. I use them for very small thinks and mainly for graphics rather than creative art.

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    I can't do special effects, 3D applications, or pretty much anything aside from Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and even then it is still basic skill!

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    Show me yo' moves, Grizzy. I want proof of your skill!

    I use Microsoft Paint, GIMP, and sometimes Flash. But I suck with all of them but not the first one.

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    And my friend just gave me her extra copy of photoshop (she had photoshop, and then got a tablet, which came with photoshop).

    I also use when paint.NET won't do something.


    ^my art, basically. There's photomanipulations, stock images, photos, drawings, writing....yeah....

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    I used to be really good with Zmodeler, but gave it up once I moved.

    Now all I use is basic MS stuff.. powerpoint, paint, movie maker etc.

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    Being a moviemaker on my free time (Cutter) aswell as studying TV on a university level ive used and worked in Final cut and After effects primary. Have used Indesign and Photoshop on a basic level though. Training to use Avid, basic user but would like to be more home at it like i am with FC. Did use Vegas quite a while back, but have abandoned it.

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