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    Default Ordering from awwsocute

    When was the last time you all ordered from them and have any one done it recently?

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    It was last summer when they started shipping their pink teddy diapers and got them in a week.

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    i ordered one of their pacifiers when it was on sale, some thing happened to my order and they sent me a sample of 3 of the teddy diapers and 2 more pacifiers to make up for it, good company to buy from, i did this order maybe 4 months ago

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    Ordering from AwwSoCute is something I won't be doing a second time. I ordered a onesie from them and after I submitted my payment a month went by without receiving the onesie or even a confirmation email. On my second attempt to contact them, they finally shipped my onesie, which I received a full 6 weeks after I ordered it. After weeks of waiting, when I finally did receive the onesie it was a piece of junk. For starters, I ordered a large but I suspect I received a small, as the onesie they sent was waaaaay too small to even put on, and was tighter on my upper body than small haynes t-shirt. As if the sizing wasn't bad enough, the onesie had only three super-cheap snaps at the crotch. The snaps were of such poor quality that 2 of the 3 wouldn't even snap closed when I wasn't wearing the onesie - they just didn't work.

    After 6 weeks of waiting and $30 spent, all I have to show for it is a lesson learned: don't order from this company, they are a ripoff/waste of money.

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