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Thread: P&G venturing into the adult diaper market

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    Default P&G venturing into the adult diaper market

    P & G makers of pampers are going to start making adult diapers.

    This is exciting they will start looking after us through out our life cycle. Imagine pampers for babies and pampers for adults

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    Yeah, um, this is old news. Their Always Discreet line is already widely available in stores. Too bad they don't have a plastic diaper, though.

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    Anybody noticed that the chart shown in the trailer and the chart printed in the article have switched curves? One of the two is wrong.

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    Unless I'm mistaken P&G created Attends - before selling the company, of course. If my memory serves, all they need to do is recreate the original Attends and everyone will say, "Yaaaaay!"

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    The original Attends and the version immediatley after the original were my favorite diapers. Gosh I miss them :/

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    A gender-neutral, tabbed product would be great. I did try the Always Discrete a couple of months ago and thought they were ok, though the extent of the padding was suboptimal (for a male). The print was pleasant, though (I've got some sissy in me) and they were quite comfortable.

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    I agree! I missed the old Attends with the blue tapes! They were my favorite diapers.

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    So well.. yeah. There will just be another standard adult diaper product just made by another company. With all the focus on incontinence lately being about being discreet.. which generally I see as less padding but "more effective". Just another functional adult diaper that probably will be designed.. for adults. That's fine.

    I don't think it will be bad, but I wouldn't go about thinking this means Pampers for Adults! I mean, this news report itself is nearly half a year old. It's not really going to shake up anything, you know?

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    I see a product designed for women, around what Depends already offers. What they will have for someone with more substantial needs is going to be a moot issue, mostly because they don't know what they are doing, and others have surpassed them for more than two decades! Who can compete against China's state of the art manufacturing facilities, volume, and variety of goods? Plus, one American company and one out of Denmark are far, far ahead of them, and have been for many years. Then there's Medline, and Tena, and a host of new comers that have their brains in gear and the cojones to fight for market share. And finally, what happens if the Attends Company finally gets their heads together and actually MAKES something that people really want?

    Here's my response to P&G's laughable effort: "Well, good luck with that."

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