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Thread: How cold is it where you are?

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    Default How cold is it where you are?

    It's supposed to be 2 above here in the St. Louis area Wednesday. We don't often see temps that cold here. How bad is it supposed to get where you live?

    (No doubt, the Aussies on here will now be telling us how hot it is down there. LOL

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    It now Winterpeg below 40 it feels like in Celsius yay. Love Winnipeg, MB we have such cold winter. It got to feels like -44 degrees celsius today.

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    Similar temperatures in the UK. It's been hovering above zero mostly, and dipping under overnight every now-and-then. Not as bad as it could be.

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    Portland, Oregon was 50F today, warm even by our standards.

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    In North Texas it's 38F now and supposed to drop to around 30F overnight.

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    well here in good ol' new england after a warm springlike summer the temperature will be dropping to the single digits this week and winter proper begins

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    I think it's about 27-ish where I live right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nray999 View Post
    Portland, Oregon was 50F today, warm even by our standards.
    A cross the Columbia river it was 56F and it has been raining pretty good for the last two days.

    The Cascade range is protecting us for now, and the Pacific Ocean is warming for an El Neno.

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    Like soupy says here in New England the weather is like a yo-yo but it has always been like that. “If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” That was Mark Twain in 1910 so quit blaming Al Gore and global warming.

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    Yep...about 28 here .... Shorts and tshirt.... Oh did I mention Celsius?
    Cheer up northerners, the sun will come out again.

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