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    Default OCE League of Legends

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    I play LoL a lot at the moment. Anyone else in OCE wanna duo/team up?


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    Oceanic Server I presume. I'm only on the NA server

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    I apologize that I'm not an OCE player, but I felt that it would be wise to not start another LoL thread and just post here.
    I currently play on the NA server. Summoner name is TintedCorn... Yes, it's a silly name, but I couldn't be DracoFox at the time. Anyways, add me if you want. I mainly just play ARAM.

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    i play on EUW server, anyway my summoner name is 12birdman. I mainly play Dino Gnar on Summoners Rift.

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    Oooh, I'm on the NA server too, I'm sorry. But if you wanna find me my summoner name is Desphiria there. I LOVE to play Support and I USED to use Sona alot. I haven't played it lately until like a few days ago so I have to get back into the swing of things. XS

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    I play both Na and Oce as Aidy knows
    My NA is SchrodingersSpy like here :P
    and my OCE is Blind Blobfish

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