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    So I really wanna try the abena pull ups. But don't want to order a full pack if I don't like them. Question is do the sample packs come discreet?

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    I'm pretty sure everything from XP Medical is discreet. If you're not sure, order a pack with it and they'll send everything in one box.

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    I have bought sample packs in the past and they are very discreet.

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    Gary is always discreet in his shipments. No matter how big or small they are.

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    XP Medical is by far the best Medical supply company in the US hands down! All shipments are discreet and are on time deliveries. Gary and Nicholas provide the best customer service of any company I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Order from XP with confidence.
    They do offer sample packages at a very reasonable price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpluswearer View Post
    XP Medical is by far the best Medical supply company in the US hands down!

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    I second that. Just ordered some diapers from them last week. Within 4 days of my processed payment, my diapers were at my front door.

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    I have bought diapers from them they are good and very discreet.

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    Ordered a case of Dry 24/7 on Thursday night, received them this morning guys (Saturday), box was turned inside out, totally discrete. There was No company name on the return address of the label, just the name of Gary, the owner. XP Medical is the best without a doubt.

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