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    Is anyone else with me on this one? I hate when couples walk REALLY slow in public. Like you'll be walking to your class, in a rush and it never fails. You run into a couple and they are walking REALLY slow! and you can't pass them. I also hate when they are kissing and flirting with eachother, it disgusts(SP) me!

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    What if the couple usually never gets to see eachother, and is making most of the moment?

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    I think girls in general walk slowly, it's annoying! And the more of them there are the slower they get...

    I hate it when you're in a busy place and people decide to suddenly *stop*, just right there when I'm behind them. I just barge though them.

    I have no problem with people kissing and flirting in public though (as long as it doesn't interfere with the flow of people walking), as longs as they're not humping each other, just don't look.

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    I have issues with major snogging in public, and I hate hate hate when slow people walk in front of me! It was really hard for me coming from living in London where everythings a race, to Scotland where no one walks at a decent pace - arrggh!!

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    I hate when anyone walks slow in front of me...It makes me wish I had a machete or something...It's even more annoying when you're walking, and someone stops right in front of you...Usually I'm thinking (or sometimes I'll say) "Yeah, just stop right there"

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    I hate anyone that walks slow, im always in a rush to get somwhere

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    It's annoying. Very annoying. Sometimes I'll say (if it's someone I don't personally know) "Um, excuse me, can you please keep going?"
    but they ignore me, like the asses they are :c

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    This is why I have developed my parkour skills. Someday I will be able to sideflip over these slow walkers and freak them out.

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    Occasionally, but most of the time I find the problem is easily solved by politely stepping to the left and passing them.

    As for couples, my gf walks pretty slow, so I can't help that . People need to take it easy and learn to relax and enjoy the scenery every once in a while.

    And if someone is really blocking your way and you can't safely pass, politely excuse yourself and good chance they'll let you pass. If you're rude about it, I'd ignore you too.

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    I think everyone in front of me walks to slow. Walking slowly really bores and frustrates me, so I walk fast everywhere. And for some reason I don't really like overtaking people (I do, it's just I may really really hate doing it depending on several factors based on the person/people. For example, I probably wouldn't even bother trying to overtake a group of people about my age - I'd cross to the other side of the street or something. But I wouldn't mind so much if it was just one person who was older than me). So it gets really annoying.

    I've never noticed couples walking noticeably slower than anyone else, though. And I'm not really bothered by people kissing in public - I think they're totally stupid, but I'm not gonna stop them doing it.

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