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Thread: Bambino Classico vs Abena M4

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    Default Bambino Classico vs Abena M4

    Im going to buy a case of diapers soon and i dont know what to order. My two main options are abena m4s and bambino classicos. I have experience with m4s and i very much enjoy them with the exception of the occasional clumping after a few wettings. Ive never used bambinos before and if i had to choose one of there products i would prefer the classicos. What do you all think would be a better choice?

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    We have reviews of both of these diapers:

    Abena M4
    Bambino Classico

    Both diapers are benchmark diapers, i.e. diapers that are good enough that other diapers typically get compared to them. You can't go wrong either way. I would say that the M4 is probably the better diaper overall, but it's not babyish, whereas Bambinos have ABDL-specific prints.

    When both options are good like this, I'd say that's the perfect opportunity to try the thing that's new to you.

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    I am in a minority that had a terrible experience with Abenas. I'm going to buy a pack of them at some point and try them again, but at this point I would say definitely go for the Bambinos.

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    I would second Amplehamza, years ago I used to love the Abena x plus but then almost exclusively used Tena maxi until they switched to cloth backing.

    I thought I would give the M4 a try and was very disappointed in them, absorbency wise nothing particularly special and a like any other cloth backed nappy, HUGE problems with sagging as the material stretches.

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    The overall quality of the Bambino product is better, with improved duration. Bambinos aren't as likely to have problems such as clumping and padding shift. They can be worn for many hours without falling apart. The only advantage that Abena has at this point, is that they are a cheaper product that is more widely available.

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    While I can't speak for what they used to be in the past, I can say for certain that I flat out hated the current (previous?) generation of M4's.

    Aside from the tapes sucking horribly and the plastic seeming to be pathetically thin, my biggest issue was that Abena's seemed to be a higher wood pulp based diaper (as opposed to the bambinos which are more SAP heavy).

    They're both very absorbent, just in somewhat different ways it seems. SAP absorbs far more than wood pulp, but does so significantly slower, so an M4 will feel 'drier' quicker, but will also tend to clump up/fall apart much faster than a diaper with a higher SAP volume to it.

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    I suggest you try Comficare much more absorbant than both and are the price range as Abena, like $70 a case, or cheaper. They are par with Fabine and Bellismo but much cheaper. And not 24/7 Confi-care.


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    I like bambino classicos. I only have to change the diaper about each 6 hours.

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    Honestly i think i might not get either. Browsing online i saw that walmart sells attends overnights for 15$ a pack with free shipping over 50$. The extended wear attends are more than decent and at less then a dollar a diaper i cant resist such a deal

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