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Thread: Who's your doll friend?

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    Default Who's your doll friend?

    I've only realised quite recently that I enjoy dolls, and love what's known as nurturing play. I find it strangely therapeutic to do things for my Sweet Sounds Baby Stella doll, like feed her her bottle, help her get dressed and cuddle up with her at night time. So, for me, my doll friend is Baby Stella, as she makes such nice noises, and is made from the same snuggly material as plushies, as opposed to the traditional plastic used for dolls.

    So, fellow ADISCers - do you have a doll who's special to you? And if there's anyone else with a Baby Stella, which outfits/accessories/etc. do you have? There's so many...and they're all super cute!

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    I think I still have "Baby George", my sleeping buddy from actual babyhood. I may have to dig him out of storage.

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    I myself have a baby doll.
    His name is "Baby Precious".
    I sleep with him.
    I give him lots of hugs and nurturing too.

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    I have a big stuffed tiger that holds a heart saying, "I love you." My fiancÚ got it for me on valentine's day, because it resembles Hobbs from the comic strip that I love reading. Seeing as she works nights and I work days, we get very little snuggle time. So we got each other a snuggle buddy to help pass the time.

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    As for actual dolls, I have my 4 Lalaloopsy dolls and Amber from Sofia the First, all of them occupy one side of my bed. Sometimes I do hold them or whatever but I only do cuddling with either of my teddy bears.

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    I have a cabbage patch doll from when I was a little girl that I love. I want to get her some baby clothes and a stroller

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    Your baby is so cute by the way

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    Not into dolls. Too girly for me. I have lots of plushies though.

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    Well, what can I say, I'm a sissyfur so I have this very cute felt fox doll with a dress, I'll post pictures if you guy want.

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    I collect dolls and toys, so I switch up favorites a lot. My first build-a-bear, "Jennifer," is p special to me though. I currently have her dressed in a dress from when I was a baby and it fits her perfectly.

    I also really like the Best Pals dolls. I have one of the Jim Shore ones (with brunette hair and brown eyes, just like me!) in my plushie bin from when we moved. I'll have to dig her out as well as the other Best Pall doll I have (the Asian one).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illinoise View Post
    I think I still have "Baby George", my sleeping buddy from actual babyhood. I may have to dig him out of storage.
    I found "Baby George" today, and, wow, I must have been rough on him back in the day. The poor doll had both an arm and a leg broken off. LOL

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