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Thread: Comic Fans?

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    Default Comic Fans?

    I recently got Marvel unlimited, and wanted to know if there was anyone else that loved comics. I prefer the physical copy, but this was the cheapest option at the moment.

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    I was a big fan up through about 2002 and I still have a ton of comics (possibly literally) but my enthusiasm waned with repeated reboots and marketing fads. I still think it's a great and underutilized medium and it could always improve.

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    I do have a small collection of "Star Trek" Comic Books.

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    I've read most of the deadpool comics...aside from that and manga I haven't really read much.

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    Just enjoyed a three hour binge of comics. I love this app! I'm so reading the Age of Ultron story arc later.

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    It's been off and on throughout the years, but I would have to say yes.

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    Love comics by Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Alan Moore & Randy Queen but otherwise find them more miss than hit.

    Was a big fan of Supergirl from the Michael Turner reboot (pre pu52) but don't at all like the current one.

    Have been a big fan of Spider-Woman since the cartoon in the '70s and have all her comics but I see Marvel are ditching the iconic outfit which will probably end my love of the character.

    Have been a big X-Men fan and bought hundreds of those comics over the years but always wind up dumping them since the cartoons and movies are so much better.

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    I loved comics through the early 90's. Still have thousands kept in mint/nm condition

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    I think I could get into the Marvel and DC comics if I wanted to, but the only one I've been really interested in so far was Watchmen.

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    I'm really into Marvel comics, at least, and kinda follow what's been going on for a while. It's not generally a overall disinterest in everything DC, but just a sort of vibe that it's hard to have time for everything. I think Superman is a wonderful character though, and I keep meaning to at least read more of his stuff.

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