I have found that the last two cases of Bellissimos I've purchased were of good, consistent quality. They didn't feel too thin, and coverage is better than the ABU SDK variants. Perhaps adding more fluff to all four varieties would be a good move, with taller standing leak barriers. My suggestions for these improvements would include the Bianco, Teddy, and Classico in addition to the Bellissimo. I have also found the pastel blue taping panel on the Bellissimo to be more attractive than that on the ABU Simples. And for that reason, I continue with the Bellissimos while looking at other potential brands. As for their sizing: I find the mediums to be a near perfect length, and the tapes land over the center panels instead of above them. I prefer this in any diaper I purchase. When the center panel is not long enough to accommodate this, that's when I start looking for other brands. Thanks for the heads up, OfficialBambino.