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Thread: Bambino Bellissimo Review (Updated Fall 2016)

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    I have found that the last two cases of Bellissimos I've purchased were of good, consistent quality. They didn't feel too thin, and coverage is better than the ABU SDK variants. Perhaps adding more fluff to all four varieties would be a good move, with taller standing leak barriers. My suggestions for these improvements would include the Bianco, Teddy, and Classico in addition to the Bellissimo. I have also found the pastel blue taping panel on the Bellissimo to be more attractive than that on the ABU Simples. And for that reason, I continue with the Bellissimos while looking at other potential brands. As for their sizing: I find the mediums to be a near perfect length, and the tapes land over the center panels instead of above them. I prefer this in any diaper I purchase. When the center panel is not long enough to accommodate this, that's when I start looking for other brands. Thanks for the heads up, OfficialBambino.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OfficialBambino View Post
    Hey Everyone,

    Happy Friday!

    Last night we ran an absorbency test of our own for our Medium Bellissimo diapers. Before we share the results, we would like everyone to understand the following:

    1. Humans don't pee water, running any test with water will not give you accurate readings of the performance of the diaper. Water added to SAP will make diapers or any other incontinent product swell 1200 times compared to 60 times in urine/synthetic urine.

    2. At Bambino Diapers, we pride ourselves on our diaper core technology. We engineer our diapers to hold a large amount of liquid with the core staying in one piece, not falling apart like others.

    3. A human bladder does not release 100ml every 30 seconds. A fully distended bladder can hold between 250-300ml of urine.

    4. In Fruitkitty's method of testing, pouring water down the front side of the diaper and sitting every 30 seconds, that means the diaper could not be fitted properly to the body each and every time, causing leaks. Also, there is no incontinent product in the world that is designed to have 100ml injected every 30 seconds for up to 10 minutes!

    5. Absorbency in a diaper means nothing if a core falls apart and the diaper becomes too heavy for the user!

    Side Note - Fruitkitty, we LOVED your in depth review with all the pictures! We would love to talk to you about your reviews and observations.

    Now to our testing - We took the time to test our Medium Bellissimo diaper last night. We placed the diaper flat on a table and poured in 500ml of water (we used water for an apples to apples comparison) every 3 minutes. Just to let everyone know, the proper way to test for absorbency is ISO 11948-1 Absorbency Capacity testing!

    We poured in a total of 4000ml of water with even more room for the diaper to absorb! We then took the diaper and put an 8 pound water jug on it to show there were no leaks. We then placed a piece of paper towel in between the diaper and the jug to see how wet the paper towel would be. There was minimal wetness retained on the paper towel. That means the Bellissimo core sucked in and retained the liquid. The goal is to keep the skin dry and comfortable!

    Please see the attached pictures of our testing.

    We hope this answers some questions and clears up any confusion.

    Thank you all for reading and have a great weekend!

    Bambino Diapers

    No human's don't pee water. It should be more of a saline solution. So Fruitkitty's test is flawed. However human's don't lay a diaper flat on the table to wear it either. We have contour, curves and shape. Each one of us slightly different than another. So your test is flawed as well.

    Fruitkitty's test while leaving room for improvement gives a much clearer picture of what a diaper can hold in a real world application.

    The Bambino lab test is what the diaper can hold if every bit of SAP has been used in the most ideal of situations.

    I think we can all agree the "most ideal of situations" never happens outside of a lab. Why do you think Kimberly Clark spends so much money on real world diaper testing? It's because baby's don't live in a lab, and their adult diaper loving counter parts don't either. Bambino has been a great ambassador for the ABDL community when no other company was willing to step up. I think we all thank you for that. You've helped pave the way for your direct competitors many of whom who have caught and some surpassed you in support and involvement of the community. You have a huge advantage on name recognition alone but I'm certain you know that your market share is shrinking. The new diapers coming to market change several times a year. You can either lead or fall behind. It's your choice.

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