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    Has anyone else ever lied to a friend (or anyone else for that matter) and told them that you still wet the bed sometimes, even when you don't, just for the thrill? It seems like a bizarre thing to do and I suppose it is, but I can't be the only one.

    Last night I was hanging out with a female friend of mine until early in the morning talking about all kinds of stuff, and I brought up a picture that she had "liked" recently on Facebook about bedwetting. We talked about some experiences when we were younger and then I asked her when was the last time it happened to her and to my disappointment she said she hadn't wet the bed since she was a kid. Bedwetting is a big turn on for me; I wanted to keep the conversation going so I told her that the last time I had a going-to-the-bathroom dream and had an accident was more recently than I'd admit to most people, and insinuated that it still happened with some regularity. She gave me a sympathetic smile, a pat on the arm and said something to the effect of "your secret is safe with me." I got a huge thrill out of it.

    Like most (I assume) people who enjoy bedwetting, becoming a real bedwetter again is a nice fantasy but not practical in reality. Since most of the thrill of bedwetting comes from the feelings of shame and humiliation, having someone else believe that I am a bedwetter is really the next best thing. In her mind - in her perception of reality - I am a genuine bedwetter. There's also the remote possibility that she tells someone else and that word will get around. I don't think she will, but I'll never know for sure that she didn't so maybe in a few weeks time everyone will "know" that I still wet the bed. That's a pretty exciting thought.

    I do feel some amount of guilt for involving her in my fetish with her knowledge or consent but at the same time I think it's pretty harmless. I'm not going to bring this up with her again - that might start to get a bit weird - and she might never give it another thought. There was also the temptation to take it further - thinking back on it now I can't help but wish that I'd told her I wore Drynites to bed through most of high school, or that I still put a plastic mattress protector down after a big night out, or that I once wet the bed with a girl in it (actually that one wouldn't have been a lie, but that's beside the point), or any number of other extra-humiliating stories. I know that in a calmer state of mind I'll be glad that I didn't.

    So that's my story. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

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    I can definitely empathise with this story, admitting to being a bedwetter would be quite thrilling (whether a genuine admission or not). But at the risk of sounding like a kill-joy, I do worry that you may have crossed a line here though. From what you've said it sounds like whilst you were talking with a friend you lead to conversation to be about bedwetting, a topic you find sexually exciting. From there you inquired into her bedwetting past and then lied about your own in order to achieve a sexual thrill through your unknowing and non-consenting friend.
    If your friend found out about this would she not find this to be very creepy, and perhaps not the action of a true friend?

    I guess my message to you (and others) is be careful. What might seem harmless, and something the other party might not give another thought to, might not be as innocuous as you think. I can't help but wonder what your friend was thinking after your 'confession', and whether the comments were as subtle from her side.

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