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Thread: What makes any of you diaper lovers?

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    Default What makes any of you diaper lovers?

    What makes any of you guys diaper lovers? with me because I am incontinent, my incontinence has been going on on and off thru out the years usually because of meds, back pain I have degenerative disc, stress, constipation after wearing diapers for so long I have come to like them because of practal reasons, most public bathrooms are disgusting

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    It mostly blends in with my babyfur side but for me, it was the soft seat and the snugly feeling.

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    My love for diapers started when I was 3. My mom ran a home daycare and I was the only one there who did not wear diapers (initially), including my younger sister. So it was the perfect recipe for fascination with diapers. Plus, the daycare had stockpiles of diapers from all the clients/kids that attended, and I eventually gave into the temptation to nab some for myself. I've been hooked ever since.

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    I'd say it's my irrational attraction to them that makes me a DL. As to the cause of that attraction, I'm not so clear. I have some guesses but I don't necessarily believe they're very accurate ones due to how far back the interest goes. I prefer to think I was born an ABDL, not in the sense that I came out of the womb that way but that it formed in the cauldron that made me what I am. It's part of my earliest memories, as unreliable as those can be. Mostly, I don't worry about it and just try to work with it well today and in the future.

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    Been trying to figure it out myself, especially for my wife. I think there are two ways of looking at it, common denominators and individual reasons for the attraction. For nearly everyone the feel of diapers against the genitals and the comforting feeling ring true. For me I like the humiliation and submissive aspects that a baby or little girl diaper brings and that is my turn on.

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    Sexually thrilling

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    For me the most cost effective form of "in home therapy" imaginable. Of course now I am IC but that is a lot more recent (that started in January or February of last year) and while diapers are practical it was not the primary reason why I like diapers.

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    I'd definitely say that getting sexual gratification from wearing and using diapers is what makes me a diaper lover. Why that is, I don't know and I've given up on trying to find out why.

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    Well when I became incontinent I started out hating the fact, that I had to start wear protection aka. diapers. However I more and more liked the security and comfort of the diaper, and eventually I realized I as enjoying them more and more. I don't actually think I would like to not wearing them anymore - though I would like if I could decide when to wear and use the diaper instead of now, where my bladder just goes when it want to. But the feeling of a wet and heavy diaper is great..

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    I really don't know. I guess because it's Therapeutic for me.

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