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Thread: who is afraid of the toilet?

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    Default who is afraid of the toilet?

    Hopfully i got the right section of the form here
    But anyone else have a toilet phobia?

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    I don't like public toilets because most public ones I've used are just really gross. But overall, nope.

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    I was at a public restroom one time. There was poo all over the walls. Ive never been back to that walmart.

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    I'm not afraid of any. When I have to go, I go. Even roadside outhouses - Ewww!

    Looks like you haven't introduced yourself yet D1aperedIncognito. Will you please take a moment and do it here - Thanks!

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    I don't wanna be afraid of my toilet because that would mean I would have to use the backyard like a dog. Minus no padding atm so I can't be afraid of the wizard.

    I'm nervous about public bathrooms because of all the s*** everywhere.

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    When I was little I was scared of the potty. It was bad! Now, not so much. But those ones with the auto flusher scare me just because they like to think they know when I'm done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D1aperedIncognito View Post
    I was at a public restroom one time. There was poo all over the walls. Ive never been back to that walmart.
    I've worked in retail for 14 years. There's not many places in the restrooms that I haven't seen crap.

    I actually would rather have crap on the walls, than to have to plunge a crap filled toilet. If it's just on the walls, you can simply spray some bleach and scented cleaner on it, and wipe off. That usually will take care of the smell. But plunging crap water really stirs up the odor, and it lingers.

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    I'm not scared of the toilet, but I surely am afraid of the urinals. Unless I'm like sure there's no one in 5 km around me, I just can't go. I'm so uncomfortable. don't know if this fall under the "phobia" umbrella but it sure can be a problem.

    I was at this event a few years ago, and they only had dry toilets. For the men "bathroom", it was basically a huge bowl with saw dust... I was never able to use them. I ended up not peeing all day with an aching bladder. Way to ruin the event.

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